EZ Glam Review – Air Tracks, Air Beams, Bars and More!

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You’ve probably come across EZ Glam if you’ve been shopping for gymnastics equipment lately. Their products seem good and are priced very attractively, but should you invest in them? We will give you answers in our EZ Glam review!

EZ Glam is a US-based company (in College Point, NY, according to their website) and offers a pretty good range of gymnastics products. They are predominantly inflatable and aimed at beginners (especially children) and intermediate gymnasts.

ez glam gymnastics equipment

In terms of price, EZ Glam offers relatively inexpensive products. They aren’t as affordable as products listed in our FBsport reviews, but you certainly don’t have to spend as much money to buy from EZ Glam as from, say, premium brands like AirTrackFactory.

EZ Glam ship their products from New York, so shipping typically takes 1-5 days. Obviously, if you are far from New York, you’ll have to wait a little longer.

We’re not quite sure where EZ Glam manufacture their products. If they ship from New York, it doesn’t mean that they make their products on the spot. But since EZ Glam equipment isn’t expensive, it probably isn’t US-made (overseas most likely).

air tracks blocks from ez glam

But all in all, EZ Glam offers pretty good products and we can confidently recommend them to our readers.

However, you should read on to find out a little more about EZ Glam gymnastics products, including benefits and even some downsides.

EZ Glam Reviews

EZ Glam Air Track Review

The EZ Glam Air Track is the brand’s most important product, so it deserves the most attention from us.

Inflatable Gymnastics Tumbling Air Mat...

This air track is in many ways similar to a competing offering from FBsport, another gymnastics equipment manufacturer. Most importantly, the materials used seem identical – both brands use a double layer of 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin in their air tracks.

With that said, EZ Glam Air Tracks are pricier than their counterparts from FBsport, so we would expect them to be of higher quality and durability. Although relatively pricey, EZ Glam’s Air Track is fairly pocket-friendly, especially compared to AirTrackFactory air tracks that cost several thousand dollars.

Air Track Inflatable
EZ Glam Inflatable Air Track for Home Use

The EZ Glam Air Track is available in a wide variety of sizes – from 10 to 27 feet. There are two thickness and width options as well – 4/8 inches and 3.3/6.6 feet respectively.

The smaller sizes should work nicely for pre-teens, while the larger ones should be great for teens or perhaps even adults. According to EZ Glam’s FAQ, their air tracks withstand up to 200 pounds, so they can work with most people.

EZ Glam ships the Air Track with an electric pump that is advertised to inflate the track in just a few minutes.

Besides, the air track is claimed to maintain its pressure for days (though since most people will probably deflate the mat after training, this benefit perhaps isn’t too useful).

You also get a convenient carry bag along with a repair kit to treat lighter damage at home.

Check out EZ Glam’s air tracks at Amazon >>

Why we like EZ Glam Air Track

EZ Glam Air Track offers great build quality and durability without breaking the bank. Like FBsport’s air track, it isn’t the most rugged air track on the market, but it’s a good option if your budget is tight. 

And although this isn’t the most expensive product on the market in its category, EZ Glam Air Track reviews on Amazon are extremely positive, with many people praising its stability and sturdiness. 

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EZ Glam Air Board / Air Block Review

The EZ Glam Air Block/Air Board is a good piece of equipment for practicing separate elements from your tumbling routine. Plus, sized much smaller than the Air Track, the Air Block may be easily used at home!

air block board

And notably, the materials in the Air Board are the same as in the Air Track – 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin, though it doesn’t seem to be double-walled here.

EZ Glam’s air block/board is very similar to its competitor from FBsport. However, EZ Glam’s product is priced twice as high and offers an additional handy feature – bottom Velcro strips that allow you to connect more than one air blocks together.

Why we like This Air Board/Air Block

The key feature in the Air Board/Block for us is the bottom Velcro strap – this small detail makes this air block so much more flexible than, for example, FBsport’s air block! And since the price is higher, you could also expect EZ Glam’s product to be more durable.

EZ Glam Air Beam Review

EZ Glam air beam
EZ Glam Air Beam

The Air Beam is an inflatable and a little less challenging alternative to EZ Glam’s Balance Beam (review below). This is mainly thanks to its increased width of 16 inches – 4 times wider than in the Balance Beam.

The Air Beam is longer as well – 16 feet, though there also is a 10 feet version available.

EZ Glam Air Beam boasts the main features of previous gymnastic equipment. Most importantly, it features commercial-grade PVC tarpaulin construction, as well as has a Velcro strap on the bottom for expansion.

Why we like This Air Beam

The Air Beam is a great alternative to the balance beam for those who are struggling with it. Not only that, but unlike the EZ Glam Balance Beam, the Air Beam is inflatable and thus very space-efficient when deflated.

EZ Glam Gymnastics Adjustable Balance Beam

No products found.

For a little more advanced use cases, the adjustable Balance Beam is a preferable choice over the Air Beam. It can’t boast the same level of safety and space efficiency, but it’s a better long-term buy since it will stay challenging even as beginners become better.

The highlight of the adjustable balance beam is its legs – they can be adjusted in height from 4 to 23 inches to add difficulty and hopefully stimulate the development of coordination in newbie gymnasts.

The length of the reviewed Balance Beam is at 6 feet, and there also is an 8 feet version available. The width in both length options is 4 inches – 4 times narrower than in the Air Beam, the narrow width will force children to develop their coordination to avoid falling.

Check out the current prices here at Amazon >>

Why we like This Balance Beam

The adjustable Balance Beam will grow (literally and figuratively) with children, allowing them to continuously improve their balancing and coordination skills. Of course, this balance beam will probably become insufficient for training after some point, but it’s a great piece of equipment for beginners.

Last but not Least – The Horizontal Bar

Finally, we have the EZ Glam Horizontal Bar – an excellent piece of equipment for children, as well as perhaps some beginning or intermediate gymnasts. 

EZ GLAM Adjustable (3'-5') Horizontal...

The Horizontal Bar features an adjustable height from 3 to 5 feet, allowing for progression in training.

Lower heights should allow beginning gymnasts to overcome mental blocks, while higher heights will accommodate more complex movements.

Keep in mind that EZ Glam doesn’t recommend advanced tricks to be performed on this bar. It may not be sturdy enough for difficult movements, and for older kids, it may become too small.

Its safety is still pretty decent though – its wood handle offers good grip, and the frame accepts up to 4 feet wide gymnastics mats for cushioning beneath the bar.

Check out this product at Amazon >>

Why we like This Horizontal Bar

The favorite thing for us in the EZ Glam Horizontal Bar is the adjustable height. It will allow for some room for progression in children – with that, although this product isn’t cheap, it should serve your kid well for years to come.

Where To Buy These Products?

We suggest that you check EZ Glam’s official store on Amazon first. With Amazon, you will get benefits such as Prime, free shipping, and hassle-free returns. The product reviews from past buyers will also give you a better idea of how the desired equipment has worked for others.

You may also give EZ Glam’s website a try, but we’d like to see big improvements there. As of this post’s writing, we disliked the lack of product images and broken product links (e.g. EZ Glam lists air spots & air floors, but their pages don’t exist on the website).

This is a shame since the website gives off a bad first impression for otherwise great products.

It is possible that this is temporary and has a relationship with a pandemic. Hopefully, this will change soon.

EZ Glam Review – Final Words

Although we ended our EZ Glam review on a little sour note, we still recommend their gymnastics equipment.

These guys should work hard to make their official website better – FBsport with its cheaper products offers better website experience (though it’s again not perfect).

Still, if your budget is limited, then strongly consider buying EZ Glam sports equipment – these are good and safe to use products.

Till the next one! – the team at jump-life.com

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