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If you are considering buying gymnastics equipment from FBsport but don’t know whether they should be trusted, then our FBsport reviews may be able to help you.

FBsport is a relatively old brand on the market – founded in 2013, it’s just 2 years younger than giants like AirTrackFactory.

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However, FBsport has occupied a completely different niche on the market, offering much more affordable gymnastics equipment than brands like AirTrack Factory.

FBsport perhaps isn’t the go-to brand if you want quality and durability no matter the money. With its manufacturing seemingly based in China (since they ship worldwide from China), FBsport offers affordable equipment with solid quality – perhaps the best at its price point.

From FBsport, you can shop for a wide range of gymnastics equipment, including inflatable gymnastics airtracks, tumbling mats, gymnastics bars, air spots, air boards, and a few others (mostly beginner- and children-oriented). They also offer worldwide shipping, which will come in handy for those of our readers who aren’t in the US.

FBsport affordable gymnastics equipment
FBSport is offering affordable gymnastics equipment.

If your budget is tight, then we highly recommend FBsport products to you. But if you don’t know where to start, let us provide you with some guidance on what this brand offers and what might be the right piece of equipment for your needs.

FBsport Reviews

FBSPORT Inflatable Air Gymnastics Mat...

FBsport Air Track Review

The Tumbling Air Track arguably is the most important product offered by FBSport. It’s their priciest and biggest piece of equipment, so we think it deserves more attention than others.

air track all sides fbsport

Although the FBSport air track is this manufacturer’s most expensive product, it’s not the most expensive on the market.

In fact, it’s actually on the cheaper side – products from competing brands (EZ Glam or, most importantly, AirTrackFactory) can reach several thousand dollars in price, while the FBSport Air Tumbling Track costs just a few hundred dollars.

Of course, this implies lower durability and fewer fancy features in FBsport Air Tumbling Track, but if your pockets aren’t that deep, it’s a very nice choice.

Air Tumbling Track is available in several lengthsfrom 10 to 36 feet – and thicknesses go from 4 to 8 inches.

These sizes should be sufficient enough for most people’s needs.

Build-wise, the main material in the FBsport air track mat is double-walled 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin.

fbsport airtrack double wall material
FB Sport air track double-wall 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin material.

Judging by FBsport Air Track reviews at Amazon, this tumbling track is durable and doesn’t leak air – through a small number of people who had complaints about the build quality and leaking. 

Why we like FBsport Air Tumbling Track

The price is probably the reason why we like Air Tumbling Track the most. We wouldn’t expect this track to withstand heavy use or satisfy experienced gymnasts, but for light home use or beginners, it is a perfect choice.

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fb sport AirBoard AirBlock

FBsport Air Board/Air Block Review

The Air Board/Air Block essentially is a compact version of the tumbling air track.

The length and width in this gymnastics equipment are much lower – 40 and 24 inches respectively. The thicknesses are the same – 4 or 8 inches. With that, the Air Board/Air Block is a better suit if you want to work on a specific part of your movement.

In terms of durability, the Air Board/Block is identical to the tumbling track – it has double-wall 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin, so it should have comparable durability.

As for inflation though, FBsport provides a weaker air pump that takes a few minutes to get this thing going.

Why we like This Air Board/Air Block

It’s really nice that the construction basics in the Air Board/Block and the Air Tumbling Mat are the same. Expect no less good longevity from the FBsport air block/board than from the tumbling mat.

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FBSport Air Spot Review

If you are looking to improve your or your kid’s coordination and landing skills, then the FBsport Air Spot mat should be able to help you.

This mat is suitable for practicing jumping, flips, cartwheels, or landings.

air spot from FBSport colors
FBSport Air Spot Colors

Air Spot comes in 4 sizes – 65, 100, 140, or 180 centimeters in diameter. The thickness for all the sizes is 20 centimeters (about 8 inches), except for the smallest size where it’s 10 (about 4 inches).

So FBSport Air Spot is suitable for both children and adults.

Material-wise, Air Spot features durable PVC with handcrafted seams. But the PVC here appears not to be the same PVC as the one used in Air Board/Block and tumbling mat, so durability may not be quite there.

Check the current proce at Amazon >>

Why we like This Air Spot

Many air spots on the market are intended for children. FBsport’s Air Spot is available in sizes for both adults and kids, so everyone should be able to find the right air spot to refine their landings with.

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Air Roll

FBsport Air Roll Review

The FBsport Air Roll is an excellent piece of gymnastics equipment for newbies and skilled athletes alike.

For experienced gymnasts, the Air Roll can serve as support for warmup exercises, while beginners can also use it as an aid for flips.

FBsport offers the Air Roll in three sizes – small (39 x 24 x 24 inches), medium (47 x 30 x 30 inches), and large (47 x 35 x 35 inches) – so it’s suitable for any age.

All sizes are pretty bulky, but they have integrated handles for convenient carrying.

Interestingly, Air Roll is sold with or without a pump – if you have a pump, you’ll be able to save about $20 by opting for the pump-less version.

Why we like This Air Roll

We really like that FBsport has a listing of Air Roll without a pump. Most other products on this list come with a pump, meaning that you are forced to pay for it as well. Not only that, but Air Roll is a great buy if you want to improve your flip game.

Air Ramp

FBsport Air Ramp Review

The FBsport Air Ramp is perfect for improving your technique in air movements. With its large size and adjustable pressure & rebound, the Air Ramp is likely to suit the needs of many gymnasts.

The Air Ramp is one of the most durable gymnastics products offered by FBsport as well – with its double-wall 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin material, the Air Ramp offers longevity comparable with that of the FBsport airt rack reviewed earlier.

Besides, FBsport advertises that the Air Ramp inflates and deflates in only 3 minutes with the included pump and maintains pressure for hours. Even if you notice a loss of air, you can easily refill the Air Ramp.

Why we like This Air Ramp

The highlight of the Air Ramp is its rugged build that can take quite the beating. If you think that you or your kid will put their air ramp under heavy use, then a product like this should be an excellent option.

No products found.

FBsport Gymnastics Balance Beam Review

The FBsport Balance Beam is a nice piece of equipment for balance improvement. Balance Beam is extremely inexpensive as well, but it still has a couple of interesting features to offer.

FBsport advertises that the Balance Beam has just the right amount of EVA foam to allow for shock absorption while decreasing the risk of an ankle injury.

It’s also light enough for children to carry, and it is foldable too for more convenient storage and transport.

The grip is great in Balance Beam as well – it has a rubber bottom to prevent slippage while exercising, while the suede-like top ensures traction and improves safety.

Balance Beam gymnastics
FBSport Balance Beam for gymnastics at home.

Notably, the Balance Beam is also available with adjustable legs. It is much pricier, but it’s more future-proof since it will allow athletes to adjust the difficulty of their training.

Get it at Amazon here >>

Why we like This Balance Beam

The legged version is our favorite thing in the Balance Beam – it’s expensive but is also a better investment since it allows for added progression in training. Even if your budget is limited, then the floor Balance Beam should work just fine as well.

FBSPORT Gymnastics Bar for...

FBsport Horizontal Bar Review

And the final “big” FBsport gymnastics product to talk about is the Horizontal Bar.

FBsport offers two versions of this horizontal bar – this bar and another one that’s only listed on their website.

The major difference between the two bar versions is design, as well as perhaps stability and durability. Both products are highly rated by buyers, so you should be safe with either.

The FBsport gymnastics bar is intended for level 1-4 gymnasts under 140 pounds.

Besides, it may be used by athletes of any age thanks to the adjustable bar height (though it seems an especially nice piece of equipment for kids).

No matter the height setting, the dual-lock system will maintain the bar’s height, while the 6-point base will keep the product stable.

Get it at Amazon here >>

Why we like FBsport Horizontal Bar

The Horizontal Bar is yet another FBsport product that can accompany children as they grow. It can work with adults as well, though probably only with lighter women since the 140-pound weight limit isn’t too high.

Other Products to Know About

Though FBsport’s focus is on gymnastics equipment, they also have 3 products from other categories – the iSUP stand-up paddleboard, two camping/beach chair models, and the Car Air Bed.

These are interesting products, and you can check them out here, but we won’t cover them here since our focus today is gymnastics.

Company's other products
Other FB-Sport interesting products.

Where To Buy FBsport Products?

Our suggestion for US-based readers is FBsport’s official Amazon store – there, you will get perks like free shipping, easy returns, Prime benefits, as well as read the latest reviews.

Some FBsport products aren’t yet available on Amazon – check the FBsport website if you can’t find what you want on Amazon. FBsport’s store may not be as convenient to work with as Amazon, but it offers worldwide shipping (free for US buyers).

FBSport Reviews – Final Words

As our FBsport reviews demonstrated, the company offers pretty solid gymnastics equipment at an affordable price.

Sure, their products may not be as heavy-duty as those from EZ Glam or AirTrack Factory, but they at least don’t dig as deep into your pocket.

If your budget is tight, we strongly suggest checking out FBsport’s products.

See you next time! – the team behind the Jump-Life

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