Great Mini Trampoline Exercises to Sculpt Your Muscles and Shed Pounds

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Mini trampolines aren’t just for kids – they’re also fabulous exercise equipment! If you’ve never used one before, check out these moves that can get your heart pounding and your body chiseled.

Basic Bounce 

This is a fundamental trampoline exercise you can use if you are a beginner or need something to actively recover between other exercises. Bend your knees slightly, reach your arms out to the side slightly and then push up onto your toes and off the rebounder, bringing your arms upward.

Let your arms come back down to repeat the motion as you let your feet come back down to the rebounder. If you want to stop, bend your knees and put your arms out in front of you. If you’re just starting out, just don’t let your toes leave the rebounder and keep the bending of the knees shallow.

Trampoline Jogging

Jogging on a mini trampoline is a little different than jogging on a track or trail because you aren’t going to use a forward stride. Instead, you’re locked in place. This naturally will cause you to use your hamstrings a little more, so just focus on getting good heel-to-butt action and a smooth rhythm.

Keeping your balance as you switch your feet might be more difficult than you anticipate because the surface of the trampoline is not stable, so keep your core engaged and watch that you’re not turning your feet or knees too far in or out.



Rotating on your rebounder is terrific for your obliques. As you do your basic bounce, rotate your hips to the right before landing with a slight squat. On your next bounce, rotate back to the front or all the way to the left. Get really comfortable with those and try going 360 degrees.

Lateral Jumps

Start in a semi-squat position to the side of the rebounder and jump up high enough so your feet get good clearance over the trampoline frame. Once you’ve landed in the center of the rebounder, jump laterally off the opposite side of the equipment. Be sensitive to the fact that you won’t have the give of the rebounder to absorb your impact when you jump down. You work most muscles of the lower body here, but the real focus is the adductors.

Cannonballs and rock stars 

For a cannonball, bounce high and pull your knees up to your chest, hugging them to you for a second at the top. You can do one of these in combination with some basic bounces, or you can push yourself to do a series of cannonballs with no break.

Cannonballs work mainly the hip flexors and quadriceps, so to even things out and work the hamstrings and glutes, do rock star jumps. For these, do a high bounce and bring your heels up as close to your butt as you can. Both cannonballs and rock star jumps require good core activation and get your midsection in shape.

High Knees 

For this move, bend one knee and lift it until your upper leg is roughly parallel to the ground. In a single, smooth motion, bring the leg back down and repeat the motion on the opposite side. You can start out with a walking pace, but eventually, the goal is to run.

Whereas the rock star jumps and your basic jog work your hamstrings a bit more, high knees focus on the hip flexors, quads, and abs. If you feel very comfortable with high knees, straighten your leg and kick out your foot with each raise.

High knees exercise

Jumping jacks 

You may or may not be able to do jumping jacks on your mini trampoline, depending on its diameter and how long your lateral leg reach is. You can do the traditional style, or for more of a burn in your glutes and thighs, go into a semi-squat and keep your hands behind your head as you move.

Another way is air jacks, where you push off hard, extend your legs out to the sides and bring your legs together before landing in the center of the rebounder. Sticking a few basic bounces in between each air jack can let you work up to a full-throttle, no-pause sequence.


Start with one foot toward the rear of the rebounder and the other toward the front. Push up high enough so you can switch your feet. Let your arms naturally swing with each foot switch, or put them on your hips.

Great Mini Trampoline Exercises – Conclusion

Now that you have an idea of some fun moves you can use in your mini trampoline workout, don’t be afraid to look for more! You can always add some light ankle, hand or wrist weights if the basic exercises get too easy for you. Many of the moves from weight training, yoga and step aerobics, such as a lateral uneven lunge, pushups or airplane pose, are also perfect for this versatile piece of equipment.

Here’s a helpful video we’ve found. This video will explain how to use a mini trampoline for exercise:

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