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Best Home Balance Beams – A Guide to the Gymnastics Beam for Home Practice

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Are your kids practicing their gymnastic moves on your furniture yet? It’s only a matter of time! Kids have excessive energy that has to be controlled. Otherwise, you’ll be cleaning their footprints off your white couch.

Well, don’t sweat over it, we got you! A balance beam for home use is all that you need. That way, you can relax and have your leisure time while your kids still have fun.

For your kids to safely practice indoors, you’ll need the best home balance beam you can find.

Best Home Balance Beam – Quick Comparison

Best Value
We Sell Mats 9 ft Folding Foam Balance...
Springee 10FT Gymnastics Balance Beam -...
The Beam Store Pink Suede 8-Feet...
Tumbl Trak Addie Beam 8FT Suede Training...
Nimble Sports 8 Feet Tan Balance Beam,...
• Low Profile • Dense foam • Available in vibrant blue and pink colors • Lightweight
• Springy for flexible movements • Slip-resistant base • Foldable design • Feel of off-ground beams • Heavyweight supports
• Non-slip traction • 250-pound weight capacity • Grain laminated wood construction • Accurate imitation of competition beams • Available in lime, purple, and pink
• Low ½-inch elevation • Flat footings • The rubber coating of the footings doesn’t slip on any surface • Easy and quick to assemble
• Adaptable height • Safe to use at all its heights • Simple assembly • Sturdy footings
Best Value
We Sell Mats 9 ft Folding Foam Balance...
• Low Profile • Dense foam • Available in vibrant blue and pink colors • Lightweight
Springee 10FT Gymnastics Balance Beam -...
• Springy for flexible movements • Slip-resistant base • Foldable design • Feel of off-ground beams • Heavyweight supports
The Beam Store Pink Suede 8-Feet...
• Non-slip traction • 250-pound weight capacity • Grain laminated wood construction • Accurate imitation of competition beams • Available in lime, purple, and pink
Tumbl Trak Addie Beam 8FT Suede Training...
• Low ½-inch elevation • Flat footings • The rubber coating of the footings doesn’t slip on any surface • Easy and quick to assemble
Nimble Sports 8 Feet Tan Balance Beam,...
• Adaptable height • Safe to use at all its heights • Simple assembly • Sturdy footings

Home beams are much cheaper than professional ones. Besides, they don’t need instructors to monitor. However, there are a lot of features and a wide variety to choose from, which can get your mind jumbled.

Jump Life will help you choose the best balance beam for home practice, which also suits your purpose. Browse through our top picks below to find your best option.

Home Balance Beam Reviews

Here are our top picks for balance beams for home use. We picked them because they’re durable, safe to use, and as close as possible to competition beams.

We Sell Mats 9 ft Folding Foam Balance...

We Sell Mats Folding Foam Balance Beam Bar

It’s hard to match the safety features on this beam. The low 2.5-inch height is ideal for beginners to avoid slipping accidents. Plus, the foam pads are soft on the body.

The 9-feet long beam gives you a large space to practice. Additionally, it’s foldable for easier storage and carrying. You can take it anywhere without the hassle of carrying heavyweight.

The upper surface is resistant to scratches and tears; you can use it indoors, outdoors, and on rough surfaces. The cover won’t tear under any circumstances.

On top of all that, this beam comes at a moderate price, while still being a high-quality product.

Check it at Amazon >>


  • Low Profile
  • Dense foam
  • Available in vibrant blue and pink colors
  • Lightweight


  • When it’s unfolded, it doesn’t lay flat
  • It’s a bit flimsy under heavyweight
  • It’s not firm which makes it unsuitable for handstands and split jumps
We Sell Mats Beams in action.

Springee 10FT Gymnastics Balance Beam -...

Springee Folding Gymnastics Balance Beam

The Springee is one of the best balance beams for home use. Its firm core ensures your kid is safe while practicing. It suits all gymnastic moves from level 1 to level 10. 

The slip-resistant base material builds the user’s confidence to play without fear. The beam won’t slip even if it’s pushed hard.

A faux suede material covers the surface of the beam. In addition to that, the foam padding is thick to offer maximum comfort. 

At 4 inches, its width is the same as regular beams at the gym. The beam also holds weight up to 160 pounds without flexing.

Check the price at Amazon >>


  • The beam is springy for flexible movements
  • The base is slip-resistant
  • Foldable design so you can take in anywhere 
  • Its design gives you the feel of off-ground beams
  • The beam supports heavyweight


  • The bottom is wider than the top which can be a challenge to grip
  • The folding point of the beam comes undone after a few uses 
  • It’s extra soft which makes it hard to balance

The Beam Store Pink Suede 8-Feet...

The Beam Store 8′ Suede

With its stability, thickness, and high durability, this beam is a pleasure to own. It sits 7-inch high and has a length of 8 inches.

Besides, it has a wood core and a high-quality suede surface.

The 12-inch wide supports make sure your kids won’t fall making any move. Moreover, the foam pad is the same as the one on professional beams.

The beam holds up to 250 pounds, unlike most beams, which hold a maximum of 200 pounds. The sides are curved like professional beams, which provides a comfortable hand grip and a realistic practicing experience.

In addition, the ends are reinforced for extra durability, and the support braces contain steel and rubber to offer flexibility and stability.

Find out more at Amazon here >>


  • Non-slip traction for stability on all surfaces
  • 250-pound weight capacity
  • Grain laminated wood construction to avoid flexing
  • The beam’s design is an accurate imitation of competition beams
  • Available in lime, purple, and pink colors


  • Non-adjustable height
  • The suede cover isn’t durable, it easily tears
  • Takes a lot of storage room
  • The beam is heavyweight and hard to handle

Tumbl Trak Addie Beam 8FT Suede Training...

Tumbl Trak Addie Beam 8ft Suede Training Floor Balance Beam

When it comes to practicality, the Addie Beam is hard to match. At 4-inch wide, the design is as close as possible to professional beams. The only feature that’s different from regulation beams is the 8-feet length, which is half of the real length.

The upper surface features a synthetic suede that gives a realistic training experience. And it has a ¼-inch foam padding. Furthermore, the edges are round for a comfortable grip. 

You can effortlessly assemble the beam because of its clever design. The steel footings require only two bolts and two washers for securing. The base is also wider for stability during handstands and cartwheels.

On top of that, you can store the beam anywhere. Its low profile allows you to slide it behind any piece of furniture or under a bed.

Check the current price at Amazon >>


  • The beam’s low ½-inch elevation accounts for a safer experience.
  • Flat footings to keep the beam at low height
  • The rubber coating of the footings doesn’t slip on any surface 
  • Easy and quick to assemble


  • The bottom surface has hidden stables that can hurt the user
  • The suede covering easily tears after a few uses
  • The beam wobbles under heavyweight

No products found.

Springee 8ft Adjustable Balance Beam – Gymnastics Equipment for Home

The Springee 8-feet beam will bring the gym to your home. The aspect that gives it a high rating from reviewers is that it’s adjustable for a wide range.

You can use it at any height from 7 inches to 24 inches, which makes it perfect for both beginners and experts.

The footings are steel, and they have a locking system to guarantee a high level of safety. The beam can hold weight up to 140 pounds without flexing.

The beam’s body is wooden with a faux suede cover. Additionally, the 4-inch width will make you feel as if you’re training at the gym.

The company offers video instructions upon delivery. As well as a customer support team to help you if you have any inquiries. It also gives you a 2-year warranty to ensure customer satisfaction.

You can buy it at Amazon here >>


  • Easy to assemble
  • The adjustable height is a rare quality in balance beams
  • Trendy purple color
  • The lockable footings are safe for all kinds of practices
  • Lightweight


  • You’ll have to purchase a training mat when using it at certain heights
  • The holes on footings aren’t correctly aligned which makes it hard to fix the bolts
  • The beam wobbles a little when raised off the floor

Nimble Sports 8 Feet Tan Balance Beam,...

Nimble Sports 8 Feet Tan Adjustable

The sturdiness and high-quality construction of the Nimble are unmatched. It’s similar to the Springee in the fact that its height is adjustable.

Despite its limited adjusting range of 14-24 inches, it’s still suitable for both intermediate and advanced levels.

The laminated plywood and MDF wood construction provide a solid foundation for any practicing move, which adds to the beam’s stability and strength. Plus, the foam padding provides safety and flexibility. 

The beam also has a faux suede cover for a firm grip.

The legs are made of steel and have rubber coverings. They’re also sturdy and well-constructed. You can assemble them effortlessly because of the beam’s user-friendly design.

Get it at Amazon here >>


  • Adaptable height 
  • Safe to use at all its heights
  • Simple assembly
  • Sturdy footings 


  • It flexes under heavyweights
  • It takes a lot of room in storage 
  • Its tan color easily stains

16ft Gymnastic Balance Beam for Home,Air...

ibigbean Inflatable Gymnastics Balance Beams

The ibigbean air beam offers the utmost safety out of all brands. Being inflatable, it’s ideal for breaking falls that could result in injuries. 

Practicing floor skills will be easier than you think using this beam. The reason for this is the higher rebound that results from the inflatable material. It gives you room for error that you don’t have using a regular beam.

The ibigbean is waterproof, in case you want to practice your stunts in the water. Moreover, the air beam goes up to a height of 8 inches.

Check it at Amazon here >>


  • The material won’t bend under you
  • Double-wall fabric
  • It’s very easy to inflate and deflate
  • Suitable to use on water


  • The material can tear when exposed to sharp objects 
  • It’s not suitable for advanced players

Best Gymnastics Balance Beam – A Buyer’s Guide

There are a couple of things to consider before buying a balance beam. I’ll guide you through everything you need to know. Hop on!

What Is a Balance Beam?

balance beam reviews

A balance beam is a padded gymnastic equipment that usually rises on two legs. The name also refers to an Olympic gymnastic event for women.

The beam is often cushioned, but still hard to the touch for a stable grip. The top surface is faux suede, which has a touch similar to that of the leather.

Most beams are a bit springy for practicing.


The standard dimensions of a balance beam as established by The International Gymnastics Federation are 4-inches wide, 16-inches long, and 4-feet high. Convex beams have a 4-inches wide surface, and a 5.19-inches wide center.

Balance beams for home use have the same width, but their length stands at 8 inches and their height can vary from 3 inches to 25 inches. There are beams available at more lengths, but keep in mind that they may be harder to ship!

Children beams are available at a lower height. It depends on the brand you’re purchasing, but it should be about 3-inches high.

Competition balance beams have a length of approximately 197 inches, which translates to 5 meters. 


Balance beams mostly have a wooden core, supported by a foam padding for comfort. Beginner ones have foam cores and regulation beams have steel cores.

The top surface of all beams is faux suede, which is a leather-like material that’s both slip-resistant and soft on the body. Some suede coverings are low-quality which causes them to tear easily. So, make sure to check the balance beam reviews before buying it.

The footings are steel with an external covering of natural rubber.

Balance Beam Types Due to Construction

There are five different types of balance beams according to the way they’re constructed. Check them out here so you can pick the type that suits you!

Sectional Beams

Sectional beams have adjustable lengths. They consist of two or more beams stuck together with attached fasteners. You can connect them however you like.

Sectional beams target kids who are getting started with gymnastics. They’re practical for handstands, leaps, obstacle courses, and jumps.

Floor Beams

Floor beams stand at a certain height without the option to adjust them. Some of them come with legs that raise them off the floor, and some of them sit flush on it.

They’re suitable for young beginners. Your kids can practice handstands, cartwheels, and dip walks.

Folding Ones

You can fold these beams when they’re not in use and easily store them anywhere. They’re simple to handle and can be taken to any place. They also fit in cars.

There are a lot of brands that offer folding beams, such as Springee and We Sell Mats.

Adjustable Ones

gymnastics beam

These beams have an adjustable height. You can use them at a low elevation and you can go all the way up to 25 inches. 

Beginners can use them at low heights, but they’re intended for advanced users. You can perform handstands, leaps, split jumps, and cartwheels using these beams.

Air Beams

Air balance beams are inflatable. You can effortlessly store them anywhere when they’re not in use. 

They’re ideal for equilibristic practices such as handstands, and they suit all ages. They may not be the best option for advanced players.

Different Types Due to Advancement Level

Advanced-level gymnasts can’t use the same beam that beginners use. It mainly differs in safety features and dimensions. There are three advancement-level types to choose from. 

balance beams for home use

Beginner Balance Beams

Beginner balance beams are necessary for learning the early fundamentals of gymnastics. They usually support adequate cushioning to avoid tumbling accidents. 

These beams sit flush to the ground for better balancing; their height is not adjustable. Their core is polyurethane foam.

They’re ideal for kids who want to practice balance and coordination. Some of them are sold as separate beams so you can connect them in different ways every time.

Junior Balance Beams 

Your kid can use these beams for a bit more than balance practices. They come with footings that raise them off the ground. Their low height allows for a lot of gymnastic moves such as handstands, jumps, somersaults, leaps, and cartwheels.

As opposed to polyurethane foam, their core is wooden.

Junior beams are suitable for intermediate players who want to progress their way to the top until they’re able to play on a full-height beam. 

Training Balance Beams

Training balance beams are for players who are confident enough to go full-height. They come with footing that can be adjusted from 7-inch height to reach a 25-inch height.

They have a steel core for better stability.

These beams accommodate a lot of moves such as walkovers, handstands, donkey kicks, leaps, jumps, etc. You’ll need a landing mat under them for a lower impact when falling. 

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Safety First – Tips on How to Use Balance Beams at Home

Balance beam exercises can result in falling accidents now and then. You’ll need to ensure the maximum safety for yourself or your child to avoid serious injuries. Here are the safety tips that you should follow!

Always Use a Mat

Landing gymnastics mats lessen the impact on the body from falling, especially with high beams. Landing on hard surfaces can cause dangerous joint injuries in knees and ankles. 

There are also inflatable mats for easier storage. Take your pick and try not to use a balance beam without a mat underneath.

Don’t Try a New Move Without an Instructor Present

Home practice should be for the moves you already know how to do. While learning the basics of gymnastics at home is possible, trying to learn a new skill without supervision is a risk you should avoid. 

Consult your instructor first to ensure that you’re well-prepared for whatever move you want to practice, and make sure you have the right gymnastics beam for home use.

Don’t Use Your Head for Support

A lot of gymnastics moves require you to go upside down. Whether you’re doing a handstand or a headstand, stay off your head and lean your weight on your hands instead.

Leaning your weight on your head can have dangerous consequences on your neck, which is the most critical body part. 

Here’s the thing, if you feel like you’re pressuring your neck too much, you’re probably doing it wrong. The right thing to do then is to get off the beam and practice your move again.

Stretch Your Way In

A lot of people take stretching for granted, especially with children, since they’re already active and their bodies are fit. However, the body muscles tighten at certain moves. Tight muscles can cause strains, which are painful to deal with.

Performing proper stretching exercises before training will keep the blood flowing and prevent the muscles from cramping.

Use Protective Equipment

Gymnastics should use grips, guards, and chalk powder for protection. Exercises that depend on the hand’s grip can hurt the skin badly. Taking precautions to decrease the friction will save you the hassle of it.

You can use tape and gauze too if you need to. This tip is vital for children because their hands aren’t used to these activities.

Safety Checklist

There are a few things to check before mounting the balance beam:

  • Adjustment knobs (Only in high beams)
  • The end caps should be fixed properly
  • The padding should be correctly attached
  • The suede covering should be intact on the beam
gymnastics balance beam

Frequently Asked Questions

How wide is a gymnastics beam?

Both regulation and home beams should be 4-inches wide. Convex ones that are wider at the center go from 4-inches to 5.19-inches at the widest part.

How long is a gymnastics beam?

Gymnastics beams range from 12 to16-inches long, while balance beams for home use range from 8 to 10-inches long.

What is a gymnastics beam made of?

Balance beams have a wooden core and a synthetic suede covering. The footings are steel-based with a rubber covering.

Best Gymnastics Beam for Home Use – Bottom Line

The best home balance beam in our list is the Springee 8ft Adjustable Beam. It doesn’t only offer a locking system for the footings to increase safety, but it also provides a wide range of heights that work for intermediate and advanced users.

It’ll make you feel as if you’re at the gym!

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