Best Trampoline for Gymnastics – Reviews To Read Before You Buy

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If you, as a gymnast, have high demands when it comes to trampolines, then you are probably struggling to find the best trampoline for gymnastics and for your needs.

Well, to help you, we’ve shortlisted a few great trampolines that we think will work just right for gymnastics. Below, we’ll have an in-depth look at their strong and weak points, as well as will provide you with handy tips on choosing the right gymnastics trampoline.

Hopefully, once you are done, you will know which trampoline precisely to go for!

For Those In A Hurry – Our Best Picks Are:

If you don’t have time to read through our gymnastics trampoline reviews below (which we highly recommend to read), then here are our 3 top picks:

Gymnastics Trampoline Reviews – Our Top Picks

Happy Trampoline Pro Rectangle... Happy Trampoline - Galactic Xtreme...

Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme Rectangle Trampoline

If you are ready to pay the money for the best of the best, then consider this rectangle gymnastics trampoline from Happy Trampoline.

The Galactic Xtreme commercial-grade trampoline boasts 3mm galvanized steel tubing that’s durable and rust-resistant. In contrast, most other trampolines on this list have 1.5-2mm thick frames. The weight capacity of Galactic Xtreme is consequently high – up to 550 pounds. 

In terms of stability, this trampoline should be far better than other as well thanks to the 5 W-shaped tubes placed across the bottom.

For a strong bounce, the Galactic Xtreme trampoline has 140 9 inches long springs. Galvanized, these springs are rust-resistant just like the frame. And since this is a rectangular trampoline, you’ll be getting a consistent bounce throughout its jumping mat.

The springs are also covered by a wide and thick pad, so they should not pose any safety risks during your sessions.

Notably, the sizing in Galactic Xtreme trampoline is titanic – as of this review’s writing, there were 2 sizes available, the 14×16 and 13×23 feet. With this in mind, this gymnastics trampoline should provide you with sufficient room for space-demanding movements.

Check it at Amazon here >>


  • Two sizes available, all huge.
  • Extremely stable.
  • Rust-resistant frame and springs.
  • Consistent bounce throughout the mat.
  • 9 inches long springs for a strong bounce.
  • Thick steel frame with 550 pounds of weight capacity.
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame and springs.


  • Very expensive.
  • We’re not sure how weather-resistant the mat’s fabric is.

Why we like it

The Galactic Xtreme goes all out – it’s extremely durable, stable, and bouncy. It likewise goes all out with its pricing, but if you have the budget, this might be that best gymnastics trampoline for your needs. 

Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline...

Upper Bounce Gymnastics-Style 9×15 Feet Rectangular Trampoline Set

Second-placed on our roundup of the best trampolines for gymnasts is this model from Upper Bounce. It’s certainly not the most capable trampoline on the list, but it offers good value for the money.

Perhaps the most important benefit of the Upper Bounce trampoline is the bounce that retains its strength across the whole surface of the jumping mat. This is thanks to the rectangular shape (more on this in the buyer’s guide below).

With that said, do keep in mind that the bounce won’t be the strongest here because this trampoline has 90 of shorter, 7-inch springs. The other top picks have longer springs, so check them out instead if you want as much bounce as possible.

The Upper Bounce rectangle gymnastics trampoline is decent in terms of durability as well. For rust resistance, it features galvanized steel springs and a powder-coated steel frame.

The mat fabric is also UV-, fade-, and weather-resistant, so it should serve you without getting weak or aesthetically impaired for a long time.

And with a weight limit of an ample 500 pounds, this trampoline should be able to take impact quite well no matter how heavy you are and how hard you jump.

For added security, this trampoline for gymnastics features a no-gap enclosure that is completely separated from the springs. 

On the not so bright side, Upper Bounce seems to have had some shipping and quality issues with some buyers. More precisely, people have complained about missing parts, inconsistent hardware quality, improperly sized screws, and a few other problems that are fairly easily fixable.

Check it at Amazon here >


  • Strong and consistent bounce across its surface.
  • Rust-resistant frame and springs.
  • UV-, fade-, and weather-resistant material.
  • Safe no-gap enclosure.
  • Weight limit of 500 pounds.


  • Some shipping and quality control issues.

Why we like it

The Upper Bounce trampoline is not a very pricey trampoline yet offers very decent longevity, improved safety thanks to the no-gap design, and consistent bounce. It has some issues, but these aren’t difficult to fix and don’t take away from the utility of this trampoline in any way.

ACON Air 4.6 Trampoline 15ft with...

Acon Air 4.6 15 Feet Round Trampoline

Our third and last top pick is the Acon Air 4.6 15 feet round trampoline, which you can check at Amazon right here.

In terms of durability and bounciness, it’s a middle-ground model between Upper Bounce and Happy Trampoline trampolines.

First up, Air 4.6 has 110 8.5 inches long springs that should deliver a stronger bounce than the 7-inch springs of the Upper Bounce gymnastics trampoline. Plus, with the so-called Acon Air Synergy Design, the springs are meant to give out their full punch every time you jump.

However, as a round trampoline, Air 4.6 will not deliver an equally consistent bounce across its mat. The bounce will be stronger in the center and weaker towards the edges, which is characteristic of any round trampoline.

For durability, the springs are made from galvanized steel and are rust-resistant. So is the frame tubing – it’s not only galvanized but also is about 2mm thick, so it should be stronger than in the Upper Bounce trampoline.

Acon advertises that this trampoline has no single-user weight limits. This is more of a marketing trick though – the actual total weight limit is 800 pounds, as claimed by a representative of Acon in the Amazon product page FAQ.

The jumping mat in the Acon Air 4.6 trampoline is UV-resistant and should be heavy-duty thanks to its 10-row stitching. As for the spring pad, we can’t say whether it is UV-resistant, but it’s thick and should be sufficient to protect you from injury.

When it comes to sizing, this particular Acon Air 4.6 is sized at 15 feet. But you might be able to find other sizes as well.

Interestingly, the frame tubes are situated away from the tubes, which should allow you to avoid impact when caught by the net.

With that said, many users have complained about how difficult the net is to anchor to the frame. You may, of course, ditch the frame, but it wouldn’t be wise in terms of safety.

Check it at Amazon here >>


  • Strong bounce thanks to the 8.5-inch springs.
  • Thick and rust-resistant frame tubing.
  • Rust-resistant springs.
  • UV-resistant mat.
  • The frame tubes are placed away from the net.
  • Takes up to 800 pounds.


  • The net is difficult to set up.

Why we like it

The net is an unfortunate letdown in Air 4.6. But its difficult setup doesn’t make this trampoline bad – once it’s up, expect it to deliver a great bounce, years-long longevity thanks to the high weight limit and thick tubing, and quite an attractive price.

Other Options Worth Checking

JumpSport AlleyOOP 14 Feet DoubleBounce Trampoline

Although the JumpSport AlleyOOP trampoline didn’t make it into our Top 3 list, it’s perhaps the most unique option on our list.

The AlleyOOP 14 feet trampoline features the so-called DoubleBounce technology. The key component of this tech is the second mat placed 8 inches below the main jumping mat.

As explained by JumpSport, the second mat forms a shock-absorbing air pillow beneath the jumping surface, allowing for more forgiving landings.

To complement the smooth landings, AlleyOOP employs 128 8.5-inch strings with mounting rings that have alternating length. As claimed by JumpSport, this allows for a cleaner rebound and better shock absorption.

By the way, there is a rectangular alternative available to this trampoline called AlleyOOP PowerBounce. It will deliver a stronger and more consistent bounce along with added jumping space.

For safety, the highlight of AlleyOOP is the overlapped doorway that is always securely closed. Furthermore, this trampoline has a heavy-duty and UV-resistant net along with top support straps that have been tested to 3,500 pounds.

The steel frame, jumping mats, and the spring cover are likewise durable thanks to their weather protection. However, AlleyOOP is rated at just 295 pounds, though this should be enough for most people. 

Check it price at Amazon here >>


  • More forgiving landings thanks to an auxiliary trampoline mat.
  • 8.5-inch strings for a strong and smooth rebound.
  • Overlapping doorway for added protection.
  • Rust-resistant steel frame.
  • Weather-resistant spring cover, jumping mat, and net.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Very expensive.
  • 295-pound user weight limit.

Why we like it

JumpSport AlleyOOP offers unparalleled jumping experience with smooth landings. This might help you enhance your jumping ability, as well as perhaps makes AlleyOOP a good option for people with injuries.

14' DoubleBounce | AlleyOOP Trampoline... AlleyOOP PowerBounce 10’x17’...

Skywalker Jump-N-Dunk 8×14 Feet Rectangle Gymnastics Trampoline

If you are looking for the best gymnastics trampoline for your kid, then perhaps this 8×14 feet rectangle trampoline from Skywalker is the right option for you.

This trampoline is much less expensive than the ones overviewed so far, and it should be bouncy and secure enough for children.

The bounce in the Jump-N-Dunk trampoline is strong thanks to the 80 7-inch springs. Although this is fewer than in previous trampolines, it should be more than enough for children.

Not only that, but with the rectangular shape, this trampoline will deliver a consistent bounce throughout the jumping mat surface.

For impact prevention, the Jump-N-Dunk trampoline features frame poles that are situated away from the net. Unlike the net in Acon Air 4.6, the netting is pretty easy to install. And to keep jumpers away from the springs, the jumping mat is isolated from the springs.

When it comes to durability, the Jump-N-Dunk trampoline is solid – it boasts rust-resistant springs and frame, a UV-resistant jumping mat, and a fade-resistant spring cover.

Notably, Skywalker includes a trampoline basketball hoop with this model, which could be a nice bonus for after-workout fun for children.

But if you are planning to host parties, keep in mind that this trampoline is rated for only 200 pounds. This should be enough for a few children but certainly not enough for children plus adults.

Check it at Amazon here >>


  • Inexpensive and excellent for children.
  • Consistent bounce throughout the jumping mat.
  • Rust-resistant frame and springs.
  • No gaps between the springs and the enclosure.
  • The poles are placed away from the frame for safety.
  • UV-resistant jumping mat & fade-resistant spring pad.
  • Comes with a basketball hoop.


  • The 200-pound weight limit makes it unsuitable for many adults.

Why we like it

We like Skywalker’s take on this trampoline’s security. No matter what your kid does, the net should keep them away from the frame, while the no-gap enclosure will protect them from getting pinched by the springs.

No products found.

Giantex 10 Feet Round Trampoline

This 10 feet round trampoline from Giantex is also a good option for use by kids, but it’s quite different from the Skywalker Jump-N-Dunk trampoline.

First off, the Giantex trampoline is round and will perhaps offer a somewhat worse bounce than the Skywalker trampoline. However, its 60 springs should be sufficient to deliver a strong bounce for such a small trampoline as this.

Secondly, although this trampoline is smaller than Jump-N-Dunk, it has a higher weight capacity – 300 pounds. It thus might be a better suit for older kids.

In terms of safety, the Skywalker trampoline may be a little better as well thanks to the enclosure that’s separate from the spring ring, as well as the poles situated away from the net. However, the netting is in the Giantex trampoline is attached to the net spring cover without gaps, so there should be no safety issues with it.

Finally, this trampoline has a feature of round trampolines we haven’t talked about yet – its bounces are directed towards the center. This will make your kid much less likely to fall out of the enclosure.

Buy it at Amazon here >>


  • Not very expensive.
  • Great for children.
  • Rust-resistant steel frame.
  • All-weather safety net.


  • Weight limit of 300 pounds.
  • Small diameter.

Why we like it

Although the Giantex trampoline doesn’t boast any fancy features, it’s an all-around solid trampoline for gymnastics. It’s more durable than the Skywalker trampoline, is fairly pocket-friendly, and offers sufficient safety for worry-free workouts.

Giantex Trampoline Combo Bounce Jump...

Things To Look For In The Best Trampoline For Gymnastics

So which one from the reviewed best trampolines for gymnastics would work for you? To help you answer this question, let’s talk about a few things that are important in gymnastic trampolines.

best gymnastics trampoline

Overall, here’s what makes an ideal trampoline for gymnastics:

  • Rectangular shape.
  • A stronger bounce.
  • Size of 10×17 feet because this is the size of competition trampolines.
  • Advanced safety features to allow you to confidently perform tricks.

Below, we’ll talk about the reasoning behind these features, as well as whether there are any alternatives that you should know about.

Rectangular vs round trampolines

Trampolines are available in either rectangular or round shapes. And as mentioned above, a rectangular trampoline would be ideal for gymnastics.

round trampoline good for tricks

In round trampolines, the springs all work at roughly the same rate, so your jumps will be pulled towards the center of the jumping mat. This might make practice more difficult for you. 

In a rectangular trampoline, the springs work independently when you jump. The springs, on one hand, allow for a more consistent bounce across the entire jumping mat and, on the other, do not pull you towards the center of the mat. It’s also easier to get high on a rectangular trampoline.

However, round trampolines can actually be safer than rectangular, long trampolines for gymnastics precisely because you are pulled towards the center. You are less likely to bounce out of a round trampoline, which is a huge benefit for kids or inexperienced users.

RELATED: Read our kids trampoline reviews for more great picks!

Trampoline size

If you are intending to compete, then a 10×17 feet rectangular trampoline would likely be the best gymnastics trampoline for you. They are also large enough to allow you to perform any movement, so they could be ideal for any buyer.

Other than that, here are some additional recommendations on gymnastic trampoline sizing:

rectangle gymnastics trampoline

When comparing the size of round trampolines with rectangular ones, we suggest that you compare their areas. In rectangular trampolines, the area is equal to length x width, while in round ones, it’s equal to pi x radius2.

No matter your experience, you may go for a larger trampoline for some future-proofing. Today, a large trampoline may seem like an unreasonable investment, but as you become better and start performing more challenging movements, the added space may come in handy.

Apart from your gymnastic needs, consider the amount of available space as well. Since trampolines are intended to be placed outdoors, you are unlikely to lack space for them, especially for smaller models. But if you feel that you may have not enough space, then be sure to measure your backyard.

Spring size & number

The springs are perhaps the most important feature to look for in a gymnastic trampoline – after all, it is the springs that are responsible for propelling you upward. However, it’s not easy to pick the right trampoline based on springs alone.

trampoline heavy duty springs

It’s difficult to tell how much bounce, say, 100 springs sized at 8 inches will deliver. In some trampoline designs, such springs will be bouncier than in others. However, generally, longer springs deliver a stronger bounce, and a higher number of springs allows for smoother & stronger jumps.

When shopping for the best trampolines for tricks, use the number and size of springs for comparison if you cannot choose between two trampolines. Pick the trampoline that has more and/or longer springs.

TIP: Inflatable Airtracks and air spots can be good alternatives to typical gymnastics’ trampolines. Their best advantages are mobility and the ease of storage.

Weight limit

Be sure that your trampoline can support your weight. With most adult trampolines, this shouldn’t be a problem – they often support 400-500 pounds or even more. However, to stay safe, it could be a good idea to go higher because you may exert more force than the trampoline can handle.

A gymnast trampoline won’t immediately break if you exceed its weight rating. However, in the long term, consistently exerting way too much force on the trampoline may shorten its lifespan. So no, you shouldn’t jump on a trampoline that’s not designed for your weight.

Safety features

Jumping can be fun, but it also involves high risks of injury. To hopefully reduce these risks close to zero, manufacturers of trampolines employ various safety features in their trampolines, such as:

  • Frame tubes situated away from the net.
  • Separate spring and jumping compartments.
  • Thick spring pads with no gaps.
  • Padded frame tubes.
  • Shock-absorption features like the second mat in the JumpSport AlleyOOP trampoline.
  • Double-zipper doorways.

We’ve seen these features in the reviewed trampolines.

Manufacturers may employ a huge variety of other safety features in their gymnastic trampolines, so we can’t talk about them all here. Instead, we suggest that you pay careful attention to what kind of safety features the desired trampoline comes with.


Finally, consider the durability of your trampoline. Among the things to pay attention to are:

  • Rust resistance. Trampolines have two components that may get damaged from rust – the frame and springs, both usually made from steel. Some trampolines may also come with steel ladders. For rust resistance, manufacturers typically use galvanized or powder-coated steel. If you see any other material, research whether it’s rust-resistant.
  • UV & fade resistance. Situated outdoors for a long time, fabrics in the jumping mat and the spring cover will be exposed to a lot of sunlight. To prevent fading and physical degradation, it would be great if your trampoline had UV-resistant fabrics.
  • Rip resistance. Generally, jumping mats in trampolines are rip-resistant. But if you are strongly worried about ripping, look for a trampoline that is advertised to have durable ripstop fabric.

Best Gymnastics Trampoline – Final Words

No matter what you choose, please don’t value performance over safety. A bouncy trampoline is sure great for gymnastics, but if it is poorly built, then you won’t have much progress with it.

We hope that our post helped you find that best trampoline for gymnastics. For us, the choice is clear: Happy Trampoline Rectangle Trampoline. You certainly won’t be disappointed.

But before clicking on the “Checkout” button, think over your choice well, go through alternatives once more, and make sure that you’ve indeed found the right trampoline for your needs!

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