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Although there has been much controversy in the past over trampoline safety issues, the trampoline can play an extremely important role in getting your kids in shape. So, once you’ve chosen and installed a best kids’ trampoline why not to use it not just for fun, but also for health benefits?

Extensive studies have been done over the years to learn which type of exercise is best for kids. These studies prove over and over that weight resistance exercises are very effective in accomplishing many health benefits for both children and adults.

What is Weight Resistance Exercise?

Any exercise that defies gravity and forces your muscles to strengthen is weight resistance exercise.

In today’s society, people use their muscles less and less. Many people work behind a desk all day with their only movement being to take a restroom break or lunch break. This is hardly enough to build muscle strength!

Children have fallen victim to the “motionless society” as well through immersive video games and television, all-day school and even year-round school. Yes, education is important, but a healthy, energetic child is just as important.

Kids Trampoline Excercises

In order to stay healthy and strong, our muscles need to be challenged each day, if for nothing more than thirty minutes. We’re not just talking about having big biceps to show off, there are many muscles in your body that keep you alive and well. For example, your heart is a muscle and your chest muscles keep your lungs operating. Every muscle has its own high calling to keep you healthy.

Our entire framework is joined together by muscles – muscles that need to have the strength to perform properly. This is especially important for children as they are growing and developing their body frame year by year.

So, you can see how important it is to strengthen the muscles for yourself and your child.

Why the Trampoline is Successful In Building Muscle Strength For Kids?

Trampolines for kids are quite successful in helping children build muscle strength. Why? Because the jumping movements on a trampoline provide weight resistance exercising with little effort.

Children learn to love the trampoline from the moment they get on, whereas “exercise” will become a drudgery if forced each day.

Continual movements on the trampoline help your child get in shape while improving health as well.

Here are Some Benefits Your Child Can Experience from Using the Trampoline on a Regular Basis:

  1. Stimulate blood flow.
  2. Improve respiration.
  3. Eliminate toxins which may be trapped in organs or tissues.
  4. Gain muscle tone.
  5. Stimulate lymph movement, which helps excrete wastes from the body through the kidneys, skin,
    colon or lungs.

And What About The Right Trampoline For A Child? We’re not going to elaborate much on specific products in this article, there are plenty of other websites, which have more posts and guides related to trampoline shopping like, for example, a well-known Kids Ride Wild blog.

All we want to say here is that choosing the right trampoline is an important first step that’s often overlooked. One must remember to pick up the right trampoline for kids, especially when it comes to the size and the safety features (e.g. enclosure).

A Few Trampoline Exercise Tips for Your Child

Kids TrampolinesGetting back to the fun part: jumping! Simply jumping and having fun on the trampoline will provide valuable exercise itself.

You can make up some exercise games or activities for your child to enjoy, only don’t use the word “exercise“!

To get the arms moving, throw a ball with your child while on the trampoline, or play dodgeball to get the body moving.

Teach your child to do stretches before and after using the trampoline. This will help get the muscles ready for jumping as well as relax the muscles afterwards.

Another idea is to give your child some light weights to lift while jumping (nothing very heavy or metal). This will help get the arms moving as well. You can be creative as long as you stay within the rules of safety for a trampoline.

If used wisely, the trampoline can be a priceless contributor to your child’s good health.

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