Benefits of Exercising on a Mini Rebounder Trampoline for Individuals with Knee Problems

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Used properly, a mini trampoline or rebounder trampoline can provide a unique and challenging workout. This type of jumping workout can be a particularly helpful option if you have joint problems that prevent you from performing a more traditional workout.

For example, using a mini trampoline may be beneficial during preparation for or recovery from knee replacement surgery. Regardless of your exact situation, you should follow the guidelines of your doctor or therapist regarding rebounder trampoline workout specifics.

Is Running and Jogging Knee Friendly?

Rebounder Trampoline

Running and jogging tend to be very hard on your joints. The vibration that occurs as your feet hit the ground can send shock waves of pain into your knees; this is often very problematic if you have knee problems or recently had knee replacement surgery.

Working out on a mini trampoline, then, can be a much better option for both adults and kids as well. Safe and effective, it provides a low-impact workout that is often far less harmful to your knees.

People who are overweight are at an elevated risk of developing knee problems. They often find weight loss difficult, especially when living with chronic, severe knee pain. Normal exercise techniques for weight loss, such as jogging, may be out of the question if the knee pain is severe.

Working out on a trampoline, however, means the mesh and springs will absorb much of the shock of impact, saving your knees and sparing you pain. The instability of the surface, though, means that even simple motions can make you work up a sweat. The result is a challenging cardio workout that should not cause further damage or pain to your knees.


Knee Friendly Trampoline Exercise

Trampoline Exercise

Unlike many other exercises that require significant bending of the knees, trampoline exercises allow you to get a workout without constant knee movement.

You can keep your legs straight or you can bend them slightly; but trampoline workouts do not necessarily require you to bend your knees sharply. This allows you to grow stronger and more flexible without forcing your knees into uncomfortable or risky positions.

Mini Rebounder Trampoline Exercise – Conclusion

Trampolines and air tracks may call to mind visions of high bouncing and the potential for an upset stomach, but mini trampolines are actually far more versatile than that. You can walk in place on the rebounder, allowing you to safely get your blood pumping without stressing your joints.

Additionally, you can simultaneously carry a dumbbell in each hand to add an upper body workout. You can also add a core workout simply by twisting your torso from side to side as you gently walk on the rebounder trampoline.

Of course, if you have knee problems, you should follow the advice of your doctor or physical therapist regarding what type and intensity of trampoline workout you can safely handle.

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