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Legiral Le3 Review – What’s Behind Its Popularity?

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Massage guns have been quite popular as of late and amongst all products, well-known and newbie brands alike, none has taken the market by storm than the Legiral Le3 and we shall discuss what made it so successful in this Legiral Le3 review.

We know that we can simply get lost nowadays with all the choices that are given to us but we’re going to make things a bit easier for you in this comprehensive review. 

Right off the bat, we can tell you that the Legiral Le3 is not only popular and Amazon’s current massage gun bestseller but it’s one of the most highly rated products too. It’s got about 18K+ ratings online, averaging about 4.8 out of 5 stars, and 85% 5-star ratings to boot.

This review will help you build a well-informed decision if this massage gun best suit your needs and lifestyle or whether maybe you need to go with an alternative.

So get ready to kiss those muscle aches and pains goodbye! Read on!

Legiral L3 Review

Here’s our detailed Legiral le3 massage gun review after trying it out thoroughly for a couple of months. Legiral looks to be focused on putting out percussion massagers only as of now.

Their other models are the more affordable Le6 and the newer Le9.

Here’s what’s in store for you from a brand that’s literally just the past few months. 


Key FeatureLegiral Le3
Stall Force~30 lbs
Stroke Length16 mm
Battery Life2-6 hours
Weight2.05 lbs
Noise35-55 dB
20 speeds
ConsLow stall force
Feels too big
Warranty1 Year
Price:Check at Amazon
Legiral Le3 Specification

What’s in the Box?

The Legiral Le3 comes with 6 attachments. That’s quite an advantage for most of the time, massage guns would only have like 3 or 4 attachments with the package.

The attachments or massage heads include:

  • a small and large ball head,
  • a pointed tip,
  • a spinal tip,
  • and a couple of flat tips.

The flat tips are actually quite ideal for muscle inflammation reduction and at the same time, help deal with lactic acid buildup.

Legiral Le3 attachments
Legiral L3 Attachemnts Set

The rest of the massage heads ensures that you will have access to multiple if not all muscle groups or joints in your body for thorough massage sessions. Take note though that the head angle is not adjustable.

The rubber on its foam ball heads is also not the best in terms of quality and that it rather deteriorates prematurely. It also then comes with the usual travel case, charger, and manual.

Key Features

So, how is the Legiral Le3 as a massage gun? 

In a nutshell, one major reason why it’s so popular and has high ratings is that for an entry-level massage gun, it has all the features that you’d like.

Anyone can appreciate this massage gun, from the office worker who suffers from a nagging neck, head, or back pain from sitting in front of the computer all day, the athlete, or the gym-goer. Let’s break down some of its highlighted features.

Massage Gun Legiral Le3

It’s got a 16mm amplitude or stroke length which enables it to reach deep or penetrate deep into your tissues as you massage your body. With this price point, and in other lesser-known brands, you’ll probably get around 10mm or 12mm. But not with this one you get more than what you’ve paid for.

Couple that with another impressive key feature. This massage gun can operate in a whopping 20 adjustable levels. So, maybe you can start your session with low-intensity massaging and ramp up from there. Throw in the varying massage heads and the 16mm amplitude and that gives you quite the range for your massage sessions.

So, what’s its downside? Well, we actually think that it could use more stall force. At only 30 pounds, it’s best for people who do not have a lot of muscle mass or density. So, if you’re a body-builder, pro-athlete, or weightlifter, this product may not be for you.

If you get past level 12 though, you can still feel that deep tissue power that it can offer. Maybe if it could go for about 40 pounds then this massage gun would be outright, a huge favorite for anyone. Maybe even make it more popular.

But it doesn’t and that can be a deal-breaker for some as most wants a stall force of 40 to 60 pounds which a lot of massage guns in this price category can offer. 

Design and Build

legiral le3 24V motor
Legiral Le3 Brushless Motor

Three things that we actually don’t quite like about the Legiral Le3 when it comes to its build. It’s bulky, it’s heavier than it should be, and the construction quality needs to improve. 

The materials used should be more durable especially that it does some heavy-lifting in terms of massaging our sore muscles.

We just want it to endure more and return greater value for our money for as it stands, it’s quite easy to just spend a few more bucks to get more durable ones in the market today if you do your research right.

At over 2 pounds (whole package is 4.1 lbs) it creates unnecessary strain on your hands or fingers in your sessions and it can be awkward to use for smaller individuals especially when sometimes it feels like wielding a jackhammer and we’re not exaggerating. Well, may just a little bit but you get the point.

Ergonomically, it can be better. Operating it too can get a bit awkward from turning it on to setting it up to your preference and it vibrates significantly as you use it. But you know, little things that won’t really put you off from buying them but worth knowing.  


legiral le3 2500 mah battery
2500 mAh Battery, up to 6 hours

The Legiral Le3 has got quite an impressive battery capacity.

Running with a 2500 mAh Lithium battery, this unit at lower speeds can run for about 6 hours which is quite the standard for massage guns at its price category. 

It will then fully-charge at 1.5 to 2 hours. While it will drain faster on faster massage speeds, if you use it for about 20 minutes a day, one charging should last about a week. That’s quite decent.

It’s got a battery indicator which is a must-have and it won’t work when plugged in which is more like a safety feature than a limitation. Based on our experience with it though, the battery life does deteriorate after a few months of usage. 

Other Features Worth Mentioning

Let’s talk about the Legiral Le3’s noise levels or the lack of it. This is actually quite a quiet device operating at only 35 to 55dB. It does go loud though as you turn it up in terms of speed.

Also, when some of its parts get loose, they add to the noise which is quite undesirable. 

What makes this massage gun very efficient too is its excellent heat dissipation technology. This is important for it somehow helps the device last longer. We already said that hardware-wise it could use some upgrade so it’s important that the internal parts can’t overheat easily.

Also, as a safety feature and to protect this massage gun, it’s got an intelligent timing protection system installed. That means that after 10 minutes of utilization or the lack thereof, it will shut itself down automatically.

The Legiral Le3 massage gun also operates in one of the newest motor technology. Armed with a new generation 24V brushless motor this unit would yield decent value for your money.  

You can choose from the silver or carbon fiber variety of the Le3. 

Massage Gun legiral le3 Athletes
Legiral Le3 Massage Gun

Who is This Legiral Best For?

It’s verdict time! Our two-part verdict includes a rundown of valuable insights of who it is for and a wrap-up of everything that we’ve discussed. First, let’s decide if you’re one of the many who can benefit from this massage gun.

Take note that we took into consideration how ergonomic it is, its functions, massaging power, and range.

We’ve already mentioned but would to reiterate that this is considered an entry-level massage gun due mostly to its power. But, that’s not necessarily a bad thing for the product.

This massage gun is for the office worker who’s suffering from chronic back, head, or neck pain and wants to soothe all of that by the end of the day. Basically, any occupational pains in your body can be addressed by this massage tool.

If you go to the gym and want something to ease those post-workout aches on your muscles and joints, this should suffice. It will also work well after your gymnastic training or an air track session. Plus, it’s pretty affordable.

But because of its lack of power, as mentioned, then it’s not for serious athletes and body-builders. The unit due to the fact that it won’t work when charging or that it’s got a battery that can’t be removed is not ideal for busy individuals who need to use it anytime and anywhere.

Say maybe a physical therapist or chiropractor. Also, for those who need to use it for long hours and with more intense applications. In short, it’s for home use only and not professional-grade.

If you’re someone who easily strains his or her hands or fingers too or if you have smaller hands then you might have some unnecessary unease when operating this massage gun. 

But if you’re someone who enjoys massaging yourself leisurely at the end of a busy workday then this is for you. Literally, anyone from all walks of life can utilize this massage tool young and adult. 

Our Verdict

No matter the range of its features you can’t deny the fact that the Legiral Le3 massage gun yields a great value for your money. It’s not the most powerful even in its price category but the 16mm amplitude is quite impressive and if you add the 20-speed adjustments then it becomes more impressive in that regard.

It won’t make your legs ripple nor penetrate as deep as you might like but it’s a massage gun that will be there for you at an affordable rate. It can be the first massage gun that you’ll buy to try things out. And just maybe, we think that that’s one huge reason why it’s a bestseller.

For soreness, stiffness, and all sorts of pain, it should be sufficient. It has some design or build flaws and not the most durable massage tool you can grab but hey, it’s 2 to 3 times over less expensive than most leading brands. Sometimes, you must pay a premium for premium build quality and we mean a few hundred more bucks.

It’s quiet and can be versatile if we explore it some more. So we do highly recommend it if you’re on a budget or want to try the massage gun avenue out for a change. 

You can buy it at Amazon here.

Legiral Le3 vs Theragun Prime

The Theragun brand has got some of the most affordable yet best quality massage guns in the market today. It’s quite popular too with the models that come out of the brand having superb massaging features and good design. 

Let’s discuss how the Legiral Le3 stacks against this level of competition. 

legiral le3 vs theragun
Legiral L3 vs Theragun Prime

We can tell you upfront that as much as the Legiral Le3 is a bestseller, Theragun is still considered as the overall leader of the massage gun market.

For one, it’s been around longer and since released their 4th generation of massage guns with the Pro, Elite, Prime, and Mini models

Performance-wise, the Legiral Le3 would be compared to the Theragun Prime for they both have 30 pounds of stall force and 16mm amplitude but the biggest difference is that the latter is twice the price tag.

So, in which aspects do the Theragun Prime outclass the Le3? Well, there are a few key aspects.

The Theragun Prime is easier to handle not to mention that it’s more ergonomic at only 2.2 pounds. It’s also quieter, comes with an app (for iOS and Android), has Bluetooth connectivity, and the overall build or construction of Theragun products, in general, is just way better.

The Theragun Prime though only has 5-speed choices but through the app, you may adjust the percussion rate per minute from a range of 1750 to 2400 ppm. 

And so we can safely say that the Le3 is the cheaper alternative to the Theragun Prime. If you have a few bucks to spend for a more enduring device then get the latter.

Best Alternatives to Legiral Le3

You’ve read about some otherwise popular alternatives for the Legiral Le3 but here are some of the massage guns that we think are its toughest competition or better alternatives. 

Ekrin Bantam

Ekrin Bantam

The Ekrin Bantam will always be a model to compare to any entry-level massage gun. For one, it’s at the same price point more or less but it always looks like it’s the better option for most.

You’d be surprised to hear that with 35 pounds of stall force this unit is super-compact and only weighs 1.1 pounds. It’s one of the most portable massage guns in the market and you can take it with you anywhere and for a nice massage anytime.

Given that it’s more compact and lighter, then naturally it is better ergonomically and just feels right most of the time. Not only that but overall the Erkin Bantam is just known to have top-quality build or construction. 

It’s just the more durable option for inexpensive massage guns. It is slightly more expensive compared to the Le3 and not as adjustable as our featured model in this review.

It runs at 3 different speeds with a range of 2000 to 3000 ppm and comes with 4 attachments. Battery life is at 6 hours per charge. 

If you go to Ekrin’s website and use a couponMGA20‘, you will get a whooping 20% discount and the Bantam will only cost you $127.99 (instead of $159.99).

So, more power, easier to utilize, and more durability for a few more bucks? It’s up to you.

lifepro DynaSphere massage gun

LifePro DynaSphere

The other model that we’d like to discuss is the LifePro DynaSphere. This one really kicks it up a notch when it comes to raw power at 40 pounds but it’s got a lower amplitude at only 13mm. 

But if you’d ask us, it’s got a better overall massaging effect especially if you really need a massage gun with deeper penetration. Plus, this unit is lighter too at 2.1 pounds.

And, you can be sure that it’s got a better build quality. It’s also just a tad more expensive so you’d get 40 pounds of power with just a few more bucks.

At single charging, the unit will run for a total of 7 hours. This is quite suitable for weightlifters or body-builders to alleviate the pain from all that wear and tear of your muscles after some serious workout.

We must tell you though that it charges longer at 4 t 5 hours and runs on an amplitude of 13mm. It’s got a range of speed of an impressive 1200 to 2800 rpm though. 

You can get it with a 10% discount by using the coupon code ‘HONEY10 at checkout. If you do so, you will only pay $107.99

Legiral Le3 review – The Bottom Line

If there’s anything that we ourselves learned from this Legiral Le3 review is that being called an entry-level device especially in the massage gun landscape does not necessarily mean that you have to be the cheapest one.

We’re going to tell you upfront that buying even cheaper massage guns than the price category that the Le3 is in would be a waste. You’d lose a lot of value for sure except otherwise from the models we mentioned above. 

What makes the Le3 popular and a bestseller is not only its price point but also its well-rounded massaging features. It’s for anyone looking to relax after all and while it has some design flaws or lacks in power, it’s a great way to start your journey into the massage gun route of therapy.

So as always, please do pamper yourself and with the recommended Legiral Le3.

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