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Gymnastics has been shown to improve the physical health of children and adults. It builds strength, flexibility, coordination, and increases self-esteem.

Practicing gymnastics encourages a healthy lifestyle and gifts your children with body awareness and control. It’s also a blast!

But can it be practiced without leaving the place you’re living in? Are there any gymnastics online classes you could take from the comfort of your home?

As it turns out, there are many ways to learn gymnastics online or take online gymnastics lessons from the comfort of your own home!

In the next sections below, we will share the best online gymnastics courses you can take. We’ll show you the different options when it comes to both paid and free online gymnastics lessons for beginners.

Why Gymnastics Online Courses?

Before we jump into gymnastics online courses you can take, let’s briefly cover the key reasons why one would sign up for a gymnastics online training.

We all feel the stress of our hectic lifestyles. Our jobs, school, meetings, and appointments can take the fun out of activities if you have to stress about fitting them in or getting to them on time.

In our current situation, where travel may be banned due to COVID-19 (the situation at the date of publication), gymnastics online is the perfect solution for engaging in a fun and beneficial exercise for your whole family.

gymnastics online training

Let’s look at the key benefits of being able to participate in gymnastics classes online:

  • You can easily access courses from the internet using a phone or a computer
  • Courses are affordable and some are even free
  • Convenient scheduling allows you to access the courses 24/7 or decide on your appointment time with a personal trainer
  • With the world being shut down by COVID-19 you can remain at home and begin or advance your gymnastics adventure
  • Kids of all ages will benefit from gymnastics even toddlers
  • Gymnastics is perfect for encouraging a healthy and fun activity that has lasting benefits

The benefits of gymnastics have been proven through multiple scientific studies. It has been deemed one of the best forms of exercise for your overall wellness and health. The benefits are not only physical, but they are also about making a person more confident.

Gymnastics encourages people to make healthier lifestyle choices. The benefits extend to making smarter decisions to become successful adults.

How does this all work? Let’s see what the science uncovered.

USA Gymnastics outlines the benefits of gymnastics according to science. Research shows that creating a feeling of being happy and stress-free depends on physical exercise. However, boosting cognitive and emotional factors requires regular training.

Gymnastics has been proven to build self-esteem and moral and improve determination. It can also improve sleep quality, fight depression, and help with weight loss.

Gymnastics is a “win-win” for the mind and body and now you can have the added bonus of participating from home.

online gymnastics lessons for beginners

Can You Actually Learn Gymnastics Online at Home?

Anyone can begin gymnastics training at home. If you are serious about continuing the training you will most like need to find a gym club and professional trainer.

Gymnastic lessons online are the first step in introducing you the basic skills. It will provide you with the essential skills to get you started.

How can you benefit from an online gymnastics course?

For starters, you can establish if gymnastics is for you by taking free for beginners. You can get an introduction to the sport and determine if it interests you or your children with no hassle or financial obligations.

You have nothing to lose and may find a new activity that benefits you and your family both physically and mentally.

It’s quick and easy to get started with an online course. Give yourself the gift of an energizing and efficient way of adding exercise into your daily routine.

Get the whole family involved and look forward to a great way to stay active, stay fit, and have fun.

Best Gymnastics Online Training – Paid Courses

Chances are, you and your family are going to love the convenience and fun of taking gymnastics courses. When you are ready to go beyond the free online gymnastic lessons for beginners, it’s time for the next level.

Paid courses will offer a variety of options for expanding your gymnastic horizons.

USA Gymnastics logo
U100 Fundamentals of Gymnastics online

U100 – Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction by USA Gymnastics

U100 Fundamentals of Gymnastics is a comprehensive introductory course that provides aspiring gymnastic coaches with basic gymnastic principals and proven coaching techniques. Topics include:

  • Coaching principals
  • Safety and risk management
  • Communication skills
  • Instruction and supervision
  • Skills instruction
  • Athlete preparation and development
  • Coaches clinic video demonstrations

This course is geared toward inexperienced and experienced instructors. It can provide new instructors with a foundation to build coaching skills. Experienced professionals can use this course to self-assess, fine-tune skills, and gain the latest ideas and tips for coaching gymnastics.

U100 Fundamentals takes four to five hours to complete. Users will have 60 days from registration to complete the course and may log in and out as needed during the registration period.

  • University Instructor Certificate: U100: Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction is required for anyone applying to the USA Gymnastics University
  • All course materials are downloadable .pdf documents from within the course
  • Print out a certificate of completion upon course completion
  • Skills covered are basic skills advancing no higher than levels 2 or 3
  • Course runs best with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers, Internet Explorer uses may have trouble within the course.
  • Free for current USA Gymnastics professionals, instructors, and athletes
  • $5 fee for USA Gymnastics In-House Members
  • U100 Course Audit: $25
  • Non-member Online registration: $25
  • Non-member In-House: $30
  • Non-members can become members for $15 and receive the course for free

Masterclass logo
Simone Biles gymnastics masterclass
Simone Biles

Masterclass with Simone Biles

Simone Biles is a 22-year-old gymnastic legend that is now offering an online course outlining the secret to her success.

Biles is the most decorated American World Champion gymnast having earned 14 Olympic medals, 10 of them gold. Simone breaks down her techniques for floor, vault, uneven bars, and balance beam.

This course offered by Masterclass is designed for the beginner or advanced gymnasts that have a desire to compete and perform at their maximum potential. Simone covers all the topics needed to succeed as a gymnast.

  • Learning new skills
  • Basic through advanced uneven bar skills
  • Studying mistakes
  • Overcoming fear
  • Basic through advanced floor skills
  • Competition day
  • Basic through advanced skills on the balance beam
  • Working with coaches
  • Basic through advanced vault skills
  • Studying successes
  • Maturing as a gymnast

Classes are structured in video segments ranging from three to thirteen minutes. The segments are narrated by Simone and provide her insights and thoughts along with the instruction.

There are 2 hours and 11 min. of videos which can be viewed at any time once membership is completed.

  • Great motivator for the serious gymnast
  • Outlines the physical and mental components need to succeed as a gymnast
  • Describes the most important skills for the four main areas of gymnastics
  • Gives insight into the mind of an American gymnastic hero
  • Segments are fairly short and don’t go into a lot of depth
  • Video only describes the skills, doesn’t allow for participation

This course is available for viewing with an annual membership: £170, or about $210, with a limited offer of 2 memberships for the price of 1.

Reviews of this course have been outstanding: it has received 4.5 out of 5 stars.

coachtube online gymnastics course

CoachTube – Gymnastics Online Training Courses

Coachtube offers online training courses designed to teach gymnastics skills and drills through training videos from expert coaches.

Courses are designed for all levels of competitive gymnasts. There are 28 courses that provide coaching on everything from stretching, to finding core strength, to specific skills in the floor, tumbling, bars, and beam.

Courses include:

  • Gymnastic Essentials (for each discipline) by Paul Hamm
  • Gold Medal Drills (for each discipline) featuring Amanda Borden
  • Men’s Gymnastics Beginning and Advanced Skills and Progression by Mark Williams
  • Beginning through Advanced Gymnastics for Girls by Steve Nunno
  • Tips and Techniques for each discipline by Mary Lee Tracy
  • Stretching, building strength, and conditioning for gymnasts

There is unlimited access to the videos once they are purchased.

  • Variety of skills and topics on one site
  • Provides a range of skills with videos for various levels
  • Several world-renown coaches to choose from
  • Specific instruction for each discipline
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Mostly geared toward competitive gymnasts
  • Very few courses for young children

Courses are purchased individually. They range in time and length. There are beginner courses offered for free and prices range from $10 to $40.

Gymneo TV Online Training video
angelo ritorto gymnastics Instructor
Angelo Ritorto

Gymneo TV – High-quality Online Training

Gymneo TV offers training by Angelo Ritorto, a world-class gymnastic coach. Angelo specializes in training by breaking down specific skills within each discipline for those aspiring to be elite gymnasts.

Angelo’s expertise is in the area of women’s artistic gymnastics. His training focuses on 10 to 14-year-olds from beginning levels to prepare for international competitions.

His courses include:

  • Beam
  • Floor
  • Vault
  • Uneven Bars
  • Trampoline
  • Gymneo Live
  • Slow motion
  • Physical Preparation

Videos are accessible once the subscription is paid. Unlimited access for the duration of the subscription.

These videos are ideal for the serious female gymnast looking to perfect individual skills within each discipline. The videos break down each skill and provide training techniques to gain proficiency.

Gymneo Live provides in-depth videos in related areas like footwork and choreography preparation. The videos discuss the technical approaches needed to gain proficiency in advanced skills.

The Physical Preparation videos provide guidance on muscle strengthening and performance aspects.

  • One trainer provides consistency in instruction and techniques
  • Step-by-step training for skills in each discipline
  • Training in preparation, conditioning, and choreography
  • A comprehensive program to achieve the highest levels of gymnastics
  • Program directed toward elite gymnasts
  • Costly

Price includes access to all the training videos during the subscription period. The cost is £199 or $216 per year (discounts for multiple licenses).

Udemy online gymnastics courses

Udemy Online Gymnastic Courses

For those looking for ways to practice gymnastics at home as a family, Udemy offers multiple forms of gymnastic exercises. These courses are designed for the whole family and offer gymnastic exercises beyond those found in a gym.

Besides videos on tips and techniques for the basic gymnastic disciplines, Udemy offers gymnastic training in areas you might have not even considered.

  • Teaching gymnastic skills
  • Baby Dynamic Gymnastics
  • Gymnastics in a Hammock
  • Gymnastics for Back Pain
  • Eye Gymnastic for improving vision naturally
  • Facebuiding (Facial Gymnastics)
  • Principals of flips, tricks, Marital arts, Calisthenics, and Ninja, from beginner to advanced levels

Udemy has video courses for every interest related to gymnastic abilities.

It covers babies to men and everyone in between. It has unique courses that are perfect for creatively adding gymnastics as a form of activity you can do at home with all your family members.

There is something for everyone.

Courses are provided by video and can be viewed once they are purchased. They range in length from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Each video specifics the level it is designed for and what will be taught during the video course.

  • Practical instruction for every age and interest
  • Provides instruction that can be done at home
  • Has unique ways of incorporating gymnastics into new areas of interest
  • Affordable
  • Not for the serious gymnast
  • There are free videos that cover some of the same topics

Each of the videos has been rated between 4 and 5 stars.

Superprof Gymnastics Tutors online

Super Prof – Gymnastics Tutors by Webcam

When you need a trainer that can work with you at home, Super Prof has access to 146 personal trainers, coaches, and experts ready to work with you one-on-one through Webcam.

There are coaches for kids and adults that include not only gymnastics but every area of fitness and exercise relating to health and wellness.

Here is a sample of some of the personal instructors.

  • Rose teaches all areas of gymnastics and tracks and adjusts lessons and sessions for each individual based on learning style and personal goals. She teaches both groups and individuals.
  • Varvara is a certified Russian gymnastics coach who has experience with children and adults. She specializes in one-on-one private lessons, couples, or small groups. She bases her lessons on your current fitness levels and goals.
  • Andrii tailors individual training programs for each individual based on his or her fitness goals. Andrii strives to make exercise fun and finds a program that works well but also takes into account progression without injury.

These personal training sessions are great for those looking to begin training in an area of gymnastics and exercise. They are not for experienced gymnasts looking to train on a professional level.

Sessions are arranged with each trainer according to your schedule. There are no limits or requirements for the number of sessions.

  • Select a trainer that matches with your interests and goals
  • Work one-on-one with personal guidance through your exercises and activities
  • Train on your schedule
  • Find a trainer with experience in any area of gymnastics and exercise
  • Instructors for all ages and backgrounds
  • Trainers available for all budgets
  • Not all trainers may be highly qualified
  • No guarantee of the quality of instruction

Training is paid on an hourly basis and varies for each instructor. Prices range from $7 to $50 an hour.

PRO TIP: Reviews vary for each instructor. Check out the instructor you are interested in working with and read his or her individual reviews.

Fiverr Hire Personal online Coach

Fiverr – Hire a Personal Coach

Fiverr offers some interesting services in many different categories, and one of them includes online coaching.

Currently, they do have 65+ coaches and instructors in various areas of gymnastics and training.

There are also services related to gymnastics such as writing blog posts for gymnastics, creating workout plans, and even working with your gymnastic photos.

  • Coaching gymnastics
  • Cutting music for gymnastic routines
  • Posture exercises for gymnasts
  • Perfecting handstands
  • Coaching bridges and tumbling
  • Making trailer videos for your gymnastic routines
  • Gymnastic wear designs
  • Coaching specific gymnastic skills
  • Personal training for gymnastics

Fiverr has coaching and instruction for basic gymnastics and many skills related to gymnastics. It’s appropriate for all members of the family who want to have a personal trainer to introduce them to gymnastics or exercise skills.

It also offers services related to gymnastics. Coaches work with individuals to achieve skills or create and design products related to gymnastics.

Choose the individual you want to work with to help you with gymnastics or a related product.

  • Find a personal instructor to instruct you or your family through basic gymnastics
  • Services related to gymnastics are offered
  • Prices for all budgets

  • Not a large selection of gymnastic instructors
  • No quality of services guaranteed

Prices are predetermined for each area. They range from $5 to $40 an hour.

PRO TIP: Select the individual you want to work with based on their price and rating. Be sure to read the reviews and look at the number of reviews before making your choice.

Free Gymnastics Training Online

Cosmo Learning websites gymnastics classes

Cosmo Learning – Gymnastics for Beginners

Cosmo Learning offers free educational videos for mastering basic gymnastics skills. Learn simple gymnastics in your home using the instructional techniques from the videos.

These videos are great for the whole family.

Cosmo is perfect for those looking for free videos to get started with simple gymnastic skills.

The videos cover easy lessons on basics like stretching, handstands, rolls, and tumbling.

They are taught by the former German National Gymnastics champion Sibylle Walters and are less than two minutes long.

They provide simple instruction in small increments.

Online Classes at YouTube


YouTube is another free resource for learning gymnastics, and an obvious choice to hunt for free resources enabling you to learn some basic gymnastic skills.

The thing is, that there are tons of videos on YouTube and most of them are not what you’re looking for. Since anyone can post any kind of video on YouTube, it takes some time to find the right video training classes.

TIP: Make sure you are following trainers and sports clubs that have a reputable background and have professional training.

Even though a video may seem engaging, your safety is important and you want to be sure you are getting instruction from qualified individuals.

The two best video channels we’ve found on YouTube were Gymnastics USA and eHowSports. If you’re just starting out, we recommend you to begin by watching any of these two:

online Gymnastics USA classes
Gymnastics USA YouTube

Gymnastics USA

This YouTube channel is packed with tons of videos ranging from tips for beginner gymnasts to competition videos showing professional athletes earning gold medals at the Olympics.

The channel belongs to national governing body for the sports and gymnastics in the USA. With over 90,000 registered athletes and over 20,000 instructors under the Gymnastic USA’s wings.

The best way to start is to watch the Lesson 001 for Beginners who want to start practicing at home. It’s here:

Aside from training videos, you can watch the interviews with professionals and many behind-the-screen videos that can give you a motivational boost you need to start your gymnastics adventure!

eHowSports online gymnastics lessons

eHowSports – Beginning Gymnastics

eHowSports is another popular YouTube channel dedicated to sports, featuring “how to” type of videos across nearly all sports you can practice at home.

With more than 240 thousand subscribers that collectively watched the videos more than 112 million times, eHowSports is a trusted channel with certified instructors.

As for the gymnastics category, if you’re looking for free online gymnastics lessons for beginners, they have a couple of dedicated playlists the beginner gymnasts should watch, starting from this one:

Learn Gymnastics Online – Summary

In this time of uncertainty and isolation, exercising and learning a new skill is not only a family bonding experience, but it’s also a way to keep your family healthy and active.

Online Gymnastic lessons can improve your health, keep muscles and bones stronger, and develop important physical skills for children. It is scientifically proven to promote mental and physical health.

With all the online resources for every budget, including the free ones that we just covered, you or your children have no excuse not to learn gymnastics online! We hope this blog post was helpful and you’re now going to take the first step!

We also encourage you to read other related posts on our blog.

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