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Fitpulse Massage Gun Review – Will it Fit You?

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Do you want to soothe your muscles after a long day at work but can’t afford an expensive masseur? Well, investing in a superior standard massage gun might end your problems permanently. Besides, massage guns penetrate much deeper into your muscles than a masseur’s hands would.

But with many products coming up, selecting a good model can be challenging, especially if you are a first-timer. One of the products that caught our attention is the Fitpulse Massage Gun.

It is affordable. What’s more? It comes with various components that are suitable for sore muscle treatment. Check out our Fitpulse Massage Gun review to see if it suits you.

About Fitpulse

Our experience gives us an advantage. Therefore, we don’t get excited by each massage gun we buy.

One of the main things we noted about Fitpulse is that it runs its business using its Amazon store. No website available! Very little information about it! But, this is no news. There are many Amazon-based brands these days.

That doesn’t mean you should immediately lose interest. In fact, you’ll find the Fitpulse Massage gun quite a spectacular deal. With the super-attractive price point at a little under $100, its features appear quite irresistible, don’t they?

What picked our interest is its similarity to other products. The Fitpulse Massage Gun reminds us of massage guns like the Legiral Le3 or the C2 from Bob and Brad

Yes, it might be one of the Hypervolt clones that got popular on Amazon. But with its set of quite impressive accessories, we couldn’t help but try it out.

Fitpulse Massage Gun Review


Key FeatureFitpulse Massage Gun
Stall Force10-30 pounds
Weight~2.5 pounds
Stroke length10mm
Working noise60 dB
Battery LifeUp to six hours
Speed rangeUp to 3200r/min
ProsBudget-friendly pricing
30 speeds to pick from
Impressive accessories
ConsQuite heavy
Jack-hammer style handle
Minimal stall force
PriceCheck at Amazon
Fitpulse Massage Gun Specifications

What’s Included

The packaging is something you’ll love. It’s quite nice since it comes with a waterproof cover, cardboard box, and cushioning material within the case.

fitpulse percussion massager package
Fitpulse package.

You’ll get 17 heads which is hard to come by at over $200. It’s more impressive than Chirogun, which offers 15 heads.

But do all these heads provide real value, or are they simply a marketing strategy?

You’ll also find a user manual with clear instructions about the usage of each head. However, it’s highly doubtful you’ll want to use all these heads frequently.

Not to mention, some of these heads work like masonry tools. They can be quite unforgiving! So, you may find yourself inclined to use four or five attachments.

The heads are decent but certainly not made using the best material. Despite this, the ball head feels much better, and the foam is more durable than other models we’ve previously reviewed.

Its advertisement strategy is also misleading. The listing states, “easy to swap attachments.” True, it may be effortless to pop in the heads. On the other hand, dislodging them is quite tedious. An example is the bullet head, this requires a lot of effort when disengaging.

Things could be a lot easier if it were the simple “push and twist” installation like the new Ekrin B37s.

fit pulse massage gun attachemnts
An impressive number of attachments, but do all these heads provide a real value?

Additional Inclusions

The carrying case is well-made. Unlike some of the brands we’ve come across that don’t offer any cases or provide a flimsy plastic case. This case is high quality and fits every component. 

Not all heads have compartments to fit in the carrying case. So, by including a small pouch to keep things orderly, we find this gun amazing.

The instructions are good as well. There are clear details and diagrams of the heads and which muscles and joints they can cater for.

Size, Ergonomics, and Build Quality

Sure, the Fitpulse massage gun may have a decent design. Nevertheless, you’ll find models that surpass its construction by far. Its exterior has a matte and shiny plastic finish which feels a bit cheap.

The first aspect we tested upon unboxing is the device’s grip which is quite impressive. The massage gun’s holding surfaces are layered with hard rubber, so there is little to no slipping.

The device has a touchscreen display. But as we tested this feature, it felt more like a disadvantage due to its occasional lag. This proved to be very annoying.

fitpulse percussion massager
Fitpulse percussion massager in action.

Not to mention, with LCD/touchscreen, the massage gun needs a more complicated setup which means more weight. In our opinion, swapping the touchscreen operation for simple LEDs and buttons would have been a much better design.

We also found the ergonomics of the Fitpulse quite off. The handle feels awkward to hold. If you are familiar with several massage guns, then you will agree that Fitpulse could have done much better with the handle width.

Using this massage gun with small hands is a hustle. Some of us have to hold it with both hands when using it!

The weight comes as a major demerit. At two pounds, it almost feels like a mini-workout to handle it! If you are a small person, you might need to massage your wrist after using this massager. It might be the heaviest massage gun you’ve ever held!

Another downgrading point is the 90-degrees, jackhammers style handle. Try using this to massage your back by yourself, and you’ll understand what we are saying. If this product were to get an upgrade, a slight tilt on this handle, the product would greatly improve.

To sum it, the build quality and ergonomics are nothing out of the ordinary. Its shape is standard, and honestly, isn’t the massage gun too big for its specs?

Still, it should be fine for most individuals.

Performance, Effectiveness, Intensity

If you are getting your first massage gun, this may not be an issue. But if you are an athlete, this unit may seem more like a tickle to your deep muscles. It’s essentially an entry-level massage gun meant for those not interested in intense massages.

fitpulse Deep Tissue Massager
Deep Tissue Massager

Similar to the Le3, its maximum stall force is 30lbs with a minimum performance at 10lbs. At this level, it’s unfit for any professional fighter or bodybuilder. Those of us with dense muscles hardly feel relaxed using it after an intense MMA session.

Should you try to push it overly hard, the motor shuts down. Isn’t that inconvenient? Being unable to relax after using this unit can be really upsetting. Still, not everyone has stone-hard muscles, and you may hardly ever use this device at maximum speed.

Despite its inclination to people with an average build, it functions quite well. If you want a daily massage, the Fitpulse percussive massager may be what you need.

It certainly caresses sore muscles. But if you want a performance akin to Everyfun M3Pro, Ekrin B37/B37s, Relxbit Pro, or the most powerful Kraftgun Force, it’s time to bounce! Go for at least a 60lb stall force to nail all your muscle blocks.

Another area to set your eyes on when it comes to massage guns is the amplitude.


With the Fitpulse percussive massager, you’ll get a 10mm stroke length. For a mini-sized massage gun, isn’t this a good level? No wonder it’s popular in models like Ekrin Bantam and Minirex by RexoGun.

We found this quite interesting since pricier massage guns like Biozoom Jr, with roughly a $50 higher price, only have a 6mm amplitude!

Regardless, many brands have come up with units having longer amplitudes, especially in 2021. It shouldn’t be difficult to find a massage gun having a 12-16mm stroke length in this price range.

While using the massage gun, we discovered combining its 10-30lbs stall force with its low amplitude is a brilliant trick. With these two, you’ll find the gun works fairly well when relaxing and easing sore muscles.


Here is another area we took note of this massage gun’s resemblance to models like the Le3. Just like the latter, you also get a 3200rpms maximum percussion.

One factor we find slightly irritating is their failure to mention the minimum percussion. That said, we believe it offers approximately 1600rpms. So, being somewhere within 1800-3200rpms is a good range for many people.

One of the major differences between Le3 and this model is the number of speeds. Now, we thought the Le3 at 20 speeds was going “a little” overboard. But with this massager extending to 30 SPEEDS

Isn’t it better to work with five to six levels? 

And that isn’t the worst part. Perhaps if you wanted to massage at speed 20, and you accidentally press till 21. Do you know you have to cruise all the way to 30, turn it on again, then start from one going upwards for a second time?!

In short, 30 speeds are only frustrating. And just like the heads, they seem like marketing and not such a solid bargain.

fitpulse 30 speed percussions
In our opinion, 30 speeds are only frustrating!

Noise Aspects

There is little to complain about Fitpulse’s noise levels. If you’ve ever had the V2 Vybe, then you’ll appreciate this unit working at only 60dB.

Another interesting aspect is its brushless motor to make things more bearable. Do you know it’s even more silent than the Theragun Pro we tested earlier?

Nevertheless, it does get a little louder from speed 12 onwards. If you enjoy your favorite show while using it, you may need to turn up your volume.

Our Legiral Le3, although quiet at first, became louder after three months. We’ll find out if the Fitpulse is the same, but at the moment, it sounds okay.

Battery Info and Performance

Well, you’ll discover that most massage guns have long-lasting battery performance. Although you might love the 2500mAh battery, this level is fairly standard nowadays. At low speed, you can use the unit for up to six hours.

We also love its quick charge time taking only 1.5-2 hours. It also includes a battery level indicator that tells you exactly how much charge is left.

Now, we have to say that the battery indicator is so much better than what we’ve seen in some units. Take an example of Everyfun M3 Pro with only five LEDs to guide you!

We also like its initial battery life. Using the massager for 20 minutes every day can last you for two weeks, if not ten days. However, like any other unit, your battery drains faster at higher speeds.

One thing you might dislike here is its inability to work when plugged in. So, you’ll have to wait, which makes it inconvenient in case of urgency. Imagine being a therapist and having to wait for hours before you can attend to your patients!

Another downside is it doesn’t charge via USB. But the included charger should serve you fine.

Other Review Notes

Some other things to know about the Fitpulse Massage Gun are:

  • We found out that turning on this unit is AWKWARD! First, you have to turn on the button at the bottom before touching the screen to select your speed. It would be excellent if it had a memory feature on its settings. Surprisingly, this is quite common in massagers like Legral Le3 and numerous Hypervolt clones.
  • Controlling the speeds is also slightly wonky. The screen is sometimes unresponsive, plus there is no minus feature. When your entire body is aching, these time-wasting features can be such a drag.
  • The massager vibrates at higher speeds, which feels a little uncomfortable in your hand.

Who Is it Best For?

There is nothing too unique about the Fitpulse Massage Gun. We recommend it for personal or home use. With the relatively low amplitude and stall force, it’s good for anyone with a mild to average body build.

Also, if you have little to spare, it can offer a budget-friendly solution. It only goes for $99.99 ( as of press time).

You can buy it at Amazon here.

Best Alternatives for Fitpulse Massage Gun

If Fitpulse Massage Gun doesn’t meet your needs, here are some great options to pick from:

MINIREX massage gun


One of our favorite alternatives for the Fitpulse is Minirex by Rexogun. Sure, it may be a little pricier, but here is what motivates us to pick it:

  • It is way smaller than the Fitpulse. It’s also much more compact and with far better ergonomics. Using it for a long time is so much less tedious.
  • True, it doesn’t have as many attachments as the Fitpluse at 10. Minitrex only has four heads, but they’re all thoroughly thought out and of impeccable quality.
  • Most importantly, it feels more powerful. Fitpulse only provides 10lbs at low speeds, while Minirex offers 20lbs. Though it only has four speeds, they feel more powerful and better suited for a thick muscle mass.
  • It has the same amplitude of 10mm.
  • While Fitpulse only charges using the dedicated charger, this unit also charges with USB-C besides that!

One minor disadvantage is it’s slightly more expensive. Although it normally retails at $259, the massive reduction to $179 (during press time) is more affordable.

Also, it is a better product and more portable than the Fitpulse massager. So, why shouldn’t you sacrifice to wind up with better value if you can?

Renpho R4 Pro

Renpho R4 Pro

We love the Renpho R4 Pro because it’s the same price as Fitpulse. Regardless, it has great features. And it seems we aren’t the only ones who rank this device highly. Its plenty of reviews from satisfied customers is something you should see!

Check this out:

  • Unlike Fitpulse, the manufacturers took a keen consideration of ergonomics.
  • The handle is adjustable, rotating through 90-degrees. For this reason, you’ll find it much easier to reach all muscle parts, unlike the jackhammer style Fitpulse.
  • The specs are the same, with the stall force at around 30lbs and the amplitude at 10mm. So, it is best for the same group of people the Fitpulse serves.
  • Unlike Fitpulse, whose warranty information isn’t clear, Renpho indicates its one-year, hassle-free warranty.

Get it now here, at

lifepro DynaSphere massage gun
Lifepro DynaSphere

LifePro DynaSphere

LifePro Dynasphere is a great alternative from the many LifePro massagers. Moreover, we love the exceptional customer care that’s always ready to attend to you.

Here are some specs to consider when deciding between the DynaSphere and Fitpulse:

  • The LifePro Dynasphere has a bigger amplitude at 13mm, which is 3mm more than that of the Fitpulse massager. The stall force is more attractive as well at 40lbs as opposed to 30lbs of the Fitpulse. It soothes deep muscles much better.
  • It is lighter than the Fitpulse hence much easier to handle. Also, it appears slicker than the Fitpulse.
  • It has six speeds which you can use to navigate much faster than Filpulse’s 30 speeds. The five attachments are less than what Fitpulse offers but adequate for use.
  • Unlike the Fitpulse Percussive massager, this unit also includes USB charging, making it very convenient.
  • The build quality is excellent. What’s more, you have a lifetime warranty!
  • It comes in blue and gray.

The only issue was it’s slightly more expensive than Fitpulse. It retails for $149.99, but with HONEY10, you can get it for 10% off.

Fitpulse Massage Gun Review: Bottom Line

If you are looking for an entry-level massage gun for home or personal use, the Fitpulse Massager is a reasonable choice. However, its features are rather disappointing, even at this price point. Not to mention, it’s quite bulky.

Thankfully, its performance is good enough to provide relief for soreness, stiffness, back problems, and more.

Go and check even more, including reviews and current price at Amazon here.

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