Best Trampoline Socks – Get A Good Grip With Our Top Picks (Reviews)

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You are as good on the trampoline as your foot support is. So if you want to be at the peak of your skills, trampolining socks with a good grip might be a worthy investment.

Well, to help you pick the best trampoline socks, we are going to introduce you to 12 great options split into 3 categories:

Additionally, we will go through a few important questions that people usually wonder about while shopping for gymnastics socks.

Best Socks For Trampoline – Our Top Picks

4 Best Trampolining Socks For Kids

ELUTONG Kids Anti-Skid Socks Trampoline...

ELUTONG Kids Anti-Skid Socks

The ELUTONG anti-skid socks are a suitable choice for children aged from 2 to 9. With 2 size options and their flexible fabric, these socks should stay comfy as your child grows.

For grip, these socks have rubber dots on the bottom. These dots are claimed to provide excellent grip on a variety of surfaces, as well as maintain their form and function after repeated washing. Apart from that, the socks are claimed to be breathable and thus shouldn’t become a sweaty mess during training.

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Why we like these socks

ELUTONG socks are a good option for younger children. Their sizing starts at the age of 2 – lower than some other kids’ trampoline socks on our list. Apart from that, children will probably like the variety of colors that this 4-pack offers.

SkiBeaut Kids Trampoline Socks Anti-Skid...

SKIBEAUT Kids Trampoline Socks

These trampolining socks from SKIBEAUT are in many ways similar to the ELUTONG socks, but there are a couple of things that set them apart.

First up, SKIBEAUT socks appear to be a better choice for older children – they are intended for children aged from 3 to 12. 

Apart from that, a notable thing about SKIBEAUT socks is their design that is claimed not to shrink substantially, so they should stay roughly the same size even after repeated washings. 

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Why we like these socks

SKIBEAUT socks appear to be a good option for older children. This especially applies to heavy use – even after dozens of washings, these socks should be close to new.

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Esaroll Boys Trampoline Socks Kids, Non...

ESA Supplies Trampoline Socks

These gymnastics socks are medium-thick breathable socks that should be a good pick for intensive training on warm days. This is thanks to the sparsely knitted spots on the upper of the socks.

Containing 3% spandex, the ESA socks are stretchy as well, though perhaps not as stretchy as other kids’ socks on the list. Each of its available sizes is intended to be worn only up to 2 years (from 3 to 5 and from 6 to 8), whereas the previous two socks may be worn for up to 3-5 years.

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Why we like these socks

The eye-catcher in these socks for us is the sparser knit on the upper. If you are particularly worried about breathability, then ESA socks may be a pretty nice option for you.

Skyba Toddler Socks With Grips...

Skyba Toddler Trampoline Socks

The Skyba trampolining socks are perhaps the most interesting kids’ socks on our roundup. 

In addition to the benefits we’ve seen in previous kids’ socks, these socks feature things like a blister heel tab and a grippy cuff that keeps them on. Besides, you are getting “strategic cushioning” in some areas for added comfort and arch support, as claimed by Skyba.

Notably, the grips in these socks are smaller than in previous options, which may mean a weaker grip. However, the small size may be compensated by the high number and density of the grips.

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Why we like these socks

With the added cushioning and blister tabs, the Skyba socks are perhaps the most protective on our list. They might not be the grippiest, but their support might be a great compensation for that.

4 Best Trampoline Socks for Women

MXL MaXimus Life Premium NonSlip Socks

The MXL Premium NonSlip socks are fairly expensive but boast a high-quality, breathable cotton design. They should be likewise great in terms of comfort and grip.

One thing that you might instantly notice in these socks is the heel tab that looks like the anti-blister tab in the Skyba kids’ socks. MXL doesn’t indicate the purpose of this tab, but you could expect it to provide skin protection in the heel area.

In terms of grip, the Premium NonSlip socks should be great as well thanks to the large grips on the outsole. The grips’ orange color scheme also combines well with the socks’ black color.

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Why we like these socks

The Premium NonSlip socks are good-looking and, most importantly, high-quality. Its larger grips will also provide excellent traction, while the heel tab should also protect your skin from friction.

MXL MaXimus Life Premium NonSlip Grip...

HONOVI Gripper Trampoline Socks 6-Pack

These socks are designed very similarly to the ELUTONG and SKIBEAUT kids’ pairs reviewed earlier. More precisely, they have a seemingly identical grip layout. This layout probably won’t be the grippiest out there, but since these are very cheap socks, it will be just enough for the money.

Notably, HONOVI includes 6 pairs of socks in this pack with 3 colors – pink, blue, and orange. All pairs contain sweat-absorbing cotton and are breathable for added comfort. HONOVI also ships the socks in a mesh laundry bag, which is very nice of them.

You can buy them at Amazon here >>

Why we like these socks

If you don’t need anything fancy, then the HONOVI socks might be great for the money. They are simple yet functional and should work well for people who don’t have high demands.

HONOVI 6 Pairs Non-Slip Trampoline Socks...

Pembrook Grip Socks 6-Pack

Thanks to their dense rubber tab pattern, the Pembrook socks may offer the best grip on the women’s. Aside from that, Pembrook boasts a proprietary grip tread design that is durable, provides traction on any surface, and doesn’t scuff floors.

Pembrook socks are comfortable and safe as well. They have a blister heel tab to protect your skin from friction, while the elastic support bands will keep the socks snug on your feet.

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Why we like these socks

The Pembrook socks are perhaps the comfiest and the grippiest women’s socks on our list thanks to their elastic support, cushioning, and dense grip pattern. If blisters are a common problem for you as well, then the blister heel tab should keep you safe.

Pembrook Grip Socks for Women and Men -...

Rainbow Gymnastics Socks

Rainbow boasts grips made from high-quality Italian silicone ABS that is claimed to be far superior to regular rubber grips used in cheaper socks. More specifically, the grips are claimed to be safer and more durable than low-quality rubber-dot grips “from Asia”.

The grip pattern in the Rainbow socks is dense as well, so you could expect excellent traction with them.

What’s also notable in these socks is their breathable upper with a sparser knit that should keep you cool during tougher sessions.

For more details visit this Amazon page >>

Why we like these socks

Although these socks are on the pricier side, they seem to be a great long-term investment. We like its dense grip pattern very much, and we also appreciate that Rainbow offers the socks in several colors and sizes.

Rainbow Socks Woman Man Colorful ABS...

4 Best Trampoline Socks for Men

Giotto Men's 3 Pairs Non Slip Yoga...

Giotto Non-Slip Socks

These non-slip socks from Giotto are excellent comfort-wise, combining many of the benefits we’ve seen in previous sock options, and even more. 

First up, you are getting a heel tab that should prevent blisters. Next, Giotto boasts seamless toes to allow for more comfortable wearing and again protect your skin from blisters.

Finally, the combed cotton build is claimed to provide great sweat absorption and ventilation, while the elastic arch area should provide support and a tight fit.

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Why we like these socks

The highlight of Giotto socks is its comfort. Its soft cotton build, tight fit, and seamless toe design paired with a good grip should ensure top performance in the trampoline park.

Grip Socks for Women - Pilates Socks...

Gripjoy Low-Cut Non-Slip Socks

The first thing to catch the eye in the Gripjoy non-slip socks is their grip pattern. Unlike previous socks where it was dotted, Gripjoy socks have grips that run across their length. Although the grip pattern isn’t very dense, the wide strips should allow for great traction.

The Gripjoy socks also have good comfort thanks to their smooth front seam and the quality cotton blend. Notably, the heel in these socks is also reinforced, so if you usually tear your socks in that area, Gripjoy’s 3-pack might be a great option.

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Why we like these socks

It’s a delight that Gripjoy offers something new in sock grip design. It’s difficult to tell how these socks will work for you, but their long grip strips should ensure a large contact area with the ground and thus good traction.

Muezna Men's Non-Slip Yoga Socks,...

Muezna Men’s Non-Slip Socks

These socks from Muezna are very similar, if not identical to the Giotto socks reviewed earlier. As such, they have virtually the same benefits – seamless front, good arch support, solid grip, and great overall comfort.

What does differ in these socks is that they are available in three sizes, whereas Giotto offered only one men’s size. If Giotto socks won’t work for you due to limited sizes, then maybe these ones will.

Available at Amazon here >>

Why we like these socks

On top of the benefits of the Giotto socks, it’s a welcome thing that you are getting more size options. Muezna socks will work particularly well for large-footed users.

LA ACTIVE Non Slip Yoga Grip Socks -...

LA Active Grip Socks

Finally, we have these sleek grip socks from LA Active that can work not only for men but also for women. They have a pretty neutral design, and LA Active also offers them in several color options.

For comfort and tight fit, you are getting familiar features, such as a heel tab, a soft and quality cotton blend, as well as an elastic arch area.

In terms of grip, LA Active socks are solid but probably aren’t the best on the roundup. The grip tabs are on the smaller side in these socks, though their number and density are pretty high.

Get them at Amazon here >>

Why we like these socks

We liked the sleek design of the LA Active socks the most, so go for them if looks matter to you. Apart from that, these socks will offer a solid grip on the trampoline, but probably not the strongest grip on the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you wear trampoline socks?

There are 3 important reasons why you should wear trampoline socks:

trampolining socks
  • Safety. Socks will protect your feet from abrasion against the surface while jumping or running. Apart from that, by keeping your fingers together, socks can prevent them from getting stuck onto something.
  • Grip. Trampolining socks offer a better grip than regular socks, which translates to increased performance on the mat. This is thanks to the silicone inserts on the sole. 
  • Hygiene. Trampoline socks protect your feet from germs that may be lurking on the mats. Likewise, if you wear socks, you protect other people from yourself.

What’s the difference between regular and trampolining socks?

The main difference is the grip. Trampoline jump socks have silicone inserts on the bottom that allow for added grip and prevent slippage.

Regular socks are very slippery and are not suitable for trampoline parks or pretty much any other barefoot athletic activity.

Are trampolining socks hygienic?

Trampoline socks are extremely hygienic given that you keep them clean. They serve as a physical barrier between your skin and the contaminated surface of the gym, protecting you from nasty diseases.

trampoline jump socks

Are trampoline socks a must in trampoline parks?

Most trampoline parks will require you to wear clean socks or other footwear. On one hand, this will protect others from those who have feet conditions. And on the other, it will protect you from others.

Even if the trampoline park doesn’t require gymnastics socks, it wouldn’t be a good idea to train barefoot.

You would be exposing yourself to all kinds of bacteria left by other athletes.

Are toes necessary for trampoline socks?

You should probably avoid toeless socks for gymnastics training. As explained earlier, one way socks protect your feet is that they keep your fingers covered, not allowing them to get stuck on anything.

This is a pretty big reason not to wear toeless socks, though you could do that if you want.

Are trampoline socks different from yoga, Pilates, or martial art socks?

Pilates, yoga, and martial arts are typically practiced barefoot, but some people prefer to wear socks. If you are wondering whether gymnastics socks can be used in other activities, then know that you can do that.

gymnastics socks

There aren’t too many differences between socks worn in gymnastics, yoga, Pilates, or martial arts. They can all be equally grippy and provide your feet with protection. 

With that said, socks specifically made for gymnastics may be grippier than others. Due to this, we feel that gymnastics socks can be used in other sports, but probably not the other way around. Yoga and Pilates aren’t as demanding when it comes to grip, so socks designed for these activities may be inadequate for gymnastics.

Apart from that, yoga and Pilates socks are frequently made toeless. As mentioned above, this isn’t ideal for gymnastics since you do not want your fingers to get stuck onto a mat when performing a movement.

Can you use trampoline grip socks like regular socks?

Another thing that some people may be wondering about is whether gymnastics socks can be used as regular socks.

You can indeed wear gymnastics socks like regular socks, e.g. at home if you prefer to be barefoot. Besides, thanks to their grip, gymnastics socks could work wonders in pretty much any barefoot activity

Trampoline Socks – Final Words

So are trampolining socks worth the money?

They sure are.

But unfortunately, it’s difficult to find the very best trampoline socks for your needs right away – there are many, perhaps too many options out there.

Carefully research the shortlisted socks to hopefully choose the right one, but be ready for some trial and error as well.

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