Top 5 Best Gymnastics Chalks You Can Get in 2020

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Before grabbing hold of the bars or doing any gymnastics work, it is very important to put chalk on your hands so you won’t slip and fall due to your hands being slippery or not getting a strong grasp.

The chalk absorbs the natural sweat on your hands and helps with a good grasp on the bar, rings, or pommel horse.

In this article, not only you will learn the best gymnastics chalk is, but Jump-Life editors will also share some practical buying tips and answer some of the popular questions about choosing the right type of chalk for your gymnastics needs. Dive in!

Gymnastics Chalk Reviews

There are several chalks types to review and many different kinds of brands. Each one is unique in its own way and has pros and cons, but it’s vital to choose the best one.

We’ve done our own extensive research, tried different products from different brands, asked fellow gymnasts about their preferences and consulted professional athletes as well. Based on that, we’ve narrowed the list to what we think are the TOP 5 best gymnastic chalk products, and they’re the following:

Z Athletic Gym Chalk Ball for Rock...

Z-Athletic Gymnastics Chalk Ball

The first chalk brand that we will review is the well known Z-Athletic with their Chalk Balls for Gymnastics.

The chalk ball comes in a plastic bag. The outside of the ball is cotton and the inside is chalk.

The reason why it’s a preferred choice amongst gymnasts is that it lasts much longer than a chunk of chalk and doesn’t cause such a mess when they need to rub it on their hands.

The high-quality chalk is fragrance-free and great for gymnasts that might be allergic to fragrances.

It’s unique because it is in the shape of a ball instead of a chunk of chalk. Here are the pros and cons of this product.

The pros are that since it lasts longer, it is a great value and saves on money. Also, it can be used indoors and outdoors.

The cons are that it is not refillable. Also, the material of the gymnastics chalk ball is fragile.

Most gymnasts we’ve talked to didn’t have too many complaints about it. They liked how the chalk balls are very fine, and not coarse. They also mentioned how 1-2 applications of the chalk work perfectly for them.

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Chalk Ball 3 oz with Storage Bag -...

BRYO Refillable 3 oz Chalk Ball Sock

The second brand we will review is the Bryo and their Refillable Chalk Ball Socks that are three ounces.

It is made out of magnesium carbonate, and the ball is stuffed with chalk. It is refillable as mentioned in the product name. It’s great for storage, no-mess, and saves money by minimizing the amount of chalk being used.

Because of the material, it is great for mess-free storage without having chalk all over the place. It comes with a black storage bag with the brand name on it.

We’ve got mixed opinions of this one, and customer reviews at Amazon also do seem to be mixed, especially when it comes to whether it’s messy or not.

Fortunately, most people say that when they used the product their hands didn’t slip and they had a great grip on the bar.

Perhaps the best thing about this product is that it’s truly a multi-purpose item. It can be used for gymnastics as well as it can be used for Crossfit and weightlifting.

These chalk balls will also do the job in other sports that you might be interested in such as tennis, rock climbing, and yoga.

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321 STRONG Refillable Chalk Ball with 65...

321 Strong Refillable Chalk Ball

The third brand that we are looking at is called the 321 Strong. Their Refillable Chalk Ball is 2.3 ounces.

It is made out of cotton and surrounded by a drawstring that is not toxic and pigment free. It gives you a good grip while keeping your hands dry.

This chalk is unscented and is great for gymnastics, as well as for rock climbing and other sports. The gymnastics chalk powder is inside of the chalk ball.

This product includes the benefits that other products may not offer. The powder flows through the sock, fits smoothly into waist bags, and lowers your chance of falling down. They guarantee that your hands will be bone dry and that you will have a fine grip.

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Liquid Fit Chalk, Liquid Chalk...

Fire Team Fit Liquid Chalk

The fourth brand we will be observing is the Fire Team Fit that offers Liquid Chalk in two different sizes (50 and 250 ml).

It is an antibacterial formula made for sweat resistance. It is one of the best gym chalk since it is used for gyms and gymnastics as well.

It is easy to apply and sticks to your hands more than plain chalk. Also, it lasts longer on your hands.

This liquid chalk only takes 10 seconds to apply and dry. It washes away smoothly without too much of a mess.

TIP: It is advised to shake the bottle before applying it to your hands.

What you might find helpful is that this item is very popular at Amazon and has great reviews, which we recommend you to check before you make a buying decision.

Overall, this one might be the best gymnastics chalk you’re looking for! It’s great for working out at the gym with weights, cross-training, and gymnastics. It is made for gyms that don’t allow block chalk.

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Spri Chalk Block, Chalk Ball & Liquid...

SPRI Chalk Block

The last brand we will look at is called the SPRI and offers Chalk Blocks of 2 ounces sold in 1, 4, or 8 packs.

It is made out of magnesium carbonate. It is pigment-free and non-toxic.

This gymnastics chalk bar is effective in preventing blisters and calluses when practicing. It is recommended for gymnastics with a fine grip and is easy to use and store.

It also gives a long time using the gymnastics bars as it stays on your hands for quite a while when in use.

We’ve had a look into Amazon reviews to see what customers think of it, and although there were some negative opinions, most users loved this product.

For example, one person thought that the gymnastics chalk bar is the best gym chalk since a little goes a long way when using it for gymnastics. Another person thought that this type of chalk keeps their hands drier, while another person complained that the product is light and crumbles easily.

As you can see here, everyone has their own viewpoint on this item, but most were in favor of it.

This block of chalk is also great for power and weight lifting. It can also be used to keep yoga mats dry while performing yoga.

As for storage, it can be stored in a plastic container or in a bag.

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Getting the Gymnastics Chalk – Buyer’s Guide

Why do gymnasts use chalk?

gymnastics chalk powder

The natural sweat that we produce on our hands makes it slippery when trying to grab a hold of the horizontal bars, rings, or pommel horse.

Needless to say, gymnasts use chalk to have a firm grip on the apparatus, with no sweat on their hands. Also, the chalk absorbs the sweat on our palms.

Many gymnastics studios use different kinds of chalk including the ones that were mentioned before. Chalk bar, liquid chalk, and chalk balls all have their pros and cons and uses in the gymnastics world.

Each of them is unique and has a purpose for gymnasts, which the main one is to have a tight grasp on the bar without sweating and falling.

What are the gymnastics chalk made out of?

The chalk is made out of magnesium carbonate. It is first made with Epsom salt and bicarb soda to make the magnesium carbonate.

Then, with the main ingredient being completed, it can be in the form of liquid, bar, or powder.

Which gymnastics chalk is the best?

There are various types of gymnastics chalk. As mentioned previously, there are liquid, bar, and powder chalks.

gymnastics chalk block

Many gymnasts feel the block chalk that they are most familiar with is the best chalk, while some prefer a different kind of chalk such as liquid or powder, mainly because of various personal reasons.

Some argue that the powder and bar chalk gives a better grip than the liquid chalk. Some say the complete opposite.

Some also may suggest to not use the liquid chalk as it causes blisters, but it depends on the person’s skin and their own bodily reaction to such chemicals on their hands.

What if a gymnast is allergic to chalk?

chalk for better grip

There have been users that reported having eczema and asthma attacks because of chalk. Of course, that is not fun at all and a serious allergy issue.

Luckily, there are alternatives.

Some recommend the liquid version of the chalk. If you are completely allergic to chalk, then the baby powder is another recommendation. It works just like chalk, but may not give that same effectiveness as chalk does when it comes to grasping the equipment.

Gymnastics Chalk FAQ

Can you use regular chalk for gymnastics?

Gymnastics chalk is made out of magnesium carbonate. Regular chalk is made out of calcium carbonate. It’s not “high end”, so once regular chalk is applied it will slip right off due to sweat.

If you don’t sweat, it could work, but most people when they work out at the gym or practice gymnastics will sweat, so this solution wouldn’t work out.

Can the baby powder be a substitute for gymnastics chalk?

As mentioned before, some people that are allergic may look into that option. Although baby powder can absorb sweat, it will hurt the gymnast in the end only because it reduces friction. It also weakens the gymnast’s grip on the apparatus.

Does gymnastics chalk contain gluten?

There is no gluten in the gymnastics chalk simply because it is made out of magnesium carbonate. Regular chalk also doesn’t contain gluten. It only contains calcium carbonate.

So that means that the chalk is gluten-free. Rest assured, these products on the website that are chalk made for gymnasts are just plain chalk.

Best Gymnastics Chalk – Bottom Line

Using chalk is a must-have when you’re a gymnast, as nothing is as important as a firm grip on the bars, rings or pommel horse.

And although buying gymnastics chalk isn’t that complicated, it’s good to know what are the different types of it and what are products will fit your needs.

We think the best gymnastics chalk is the one that works best for you so in the end, you may end up buying several products just to see which one feels better. After all, it’s often an individual preference.

That said, we think the best gymnastics chalk for most gymnasts, and the safest pick, is the Z-Athletics Chalk Ball which we considered as our top pick.

We hope this article has been helpful and you’ll now be able to make a more educated buying decision. Good luck!

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