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“Simulates a nightclub, is a 45-minute high-intensity session that will leave any serious gymgoer panting.”
- The New York Times

“While the 45-minute, Top 40–fueled dance-cardio classes are high-energy enough to raise your heart rate, they’re low-impact enough to attract both twenty-somethings and [the] middle-aged.”
- New York Magazine

"Sweating and smiling - that is what happens when you bounce around on a trampoline for long enough. This is the idea behind 'JumpLife', a group fitness studio where everything takes place on personal trampolines."
- ABC News

"It only took about 15 minutes to feel my legs and abs working -- hard! I left sweaty and tired, but also pain-free. I know if I had done the same aerobic moves on a gym floor for 45 minutes I would have been achey all over, and not in a good way!"
- The Huffington Post

“Jumping on a trampoline keeps you present in the moment, which is why it’s good for kids with disabilities. It’s good for kids struggling with obesity, as well, and those not drawn to traditional sports such as football or basketball. It keeps you grounded, in a sense, to the here and now.”
- Club Solutions

“If you’re all about high-energy, you will definitely love Jumplife, a workout done in the dark under a disco ball on your own individual trampolines. On any given day you will probably be taking a class with the founder/owner Montserrat Markou who turned her childhood passion of jumping into a rebounding phenomenon. There’s a class for everyone including Jump-Dance, a high intense cardio workout complete with club music and lighting, JumpGym incorporating weights for muscle definition, and JumpFusion, a mind-body slower paced class. There’s even JumpKids”
- The Downtown Project

"Since, 'That plank was fun!' was thought by no one ever, a new studio in TriBeCa is introducing a fresh way to exercise."
- Blood, Sweat & Cheers

"If your workout routine isn’t doing enough to lift your spirits — or much else — TriBeCa’s new JumpLife gym may just give you the boost you need."

"You just fall under the spell of the loudest techno-beat-with-a-nameless-chica-singing legally allowed and start going nuts."
- Manero

"This was the real deal....It’s nice to take time to step outside the confines of the office and interact with yourcoworkers on a more personal level while having fun."
- Deutsch

”Features high-energy classes performed exclusively on -- you guessed it -- trampolines. Indeed, the same contraptions you flipped (or flopped) on as a kid are actually the idea behind this low-impact, high-cardio workout."
- Pure Wow