Montserrat Markou, Founder & CEO

JumpLife is the brainchild of Spanish-born, New York City-raised CEO Montserrat Markou, a health and fitness enthusiast who once suffered from back and neck pain. As acupuncture and massage therapy relieved her ailments, she was inspired to become a licensed therapist, eventually opening a practice on Long Island. Montserrat quickly found herself surrounded by clients wanting to stay fit without aggravating their existing injuries. Thus began her quest to create a low-impact cardio workout.

Serendipity struck when she randomly noticed a trampoline in a store, flashing back to her childhood love of jumping on her bed.  She purchased the trampoline, and after a little experimentation, Montserrat realized this would be the solution to her clients’ problems. Research on the science and history of rebounding, a practice used to train both World War II pilots as well as astronauts, enabled her to develop a revolutionary low-impact, high-intensity trampoline workout regimen.

From humble beginnings in a basement studio, the seeds of JumpLife were sown. Dance music and two disco balls set the scene for clients, who responded well to this fun, stress-free atmosphere and found the trampoline provided for invigorating yet pain-free exercise. Word rapidly spread, and it wasn’t long before there were requests to bring this unique workout to Manhattan. After investing in a total immersion sound and lighting system, JumpLife opened its Tribeca studio in November, 2012. Montserrat soon created four distinct classes, targeting everyone from urban professionals to kids to seniors. The barrage of enthusiastic press that followed enabled Jump-Life to continue spreading its reach, as more and more New Yorkers have become obsessed with this increasingly popular and fast-growing phenomenon.